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User Info: Flintlock_Staff

4 years ago#1
Version 61 here we go!

The Midnight Knights (MnK) is a Kid Icarus Uprising clan (duh), but we also have other branches and plan on having more in the future. This is the only one active at the moment, but we're pretty active so a lot of other clans come into our chat.

If you would like to join our clan then just post here asking to be tried out. Only leaders and weapon masters can try people out. I won't list the weapon masters because they change from time to time, but they know who they are and they'll just respond saying they can try you out. The general format is 3 rounds of a 1v1, but depending on who's trying you out this may be more due to the fact that they may be unsure of whether you should be allowed in or not, or just personal preference. We look down on powers like Bumblebee, Slipshot, Playing Dead, Aries Armor, and Libra Sponge to name a few. These powers are not banned from the clan, nor from tryouts, but they are in clan wars and usually in the general friendly LvDs people host.

Our chat can be found here:

And our website here (Though we hardly use it):

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, in a PM, or in the chat.

If you're another clan looking for a war just tell us you want to war and we'll both discuss here or in our chat on a suitable ban list and date for the war.
Midnight Knights Co-Leader and Arm Master
Gotta Stay Upbeat Upbeat Upbeat! Or You'll Be Dead Meat Dead Meat Dead Meat! FC 0533-4504-8392 (1)

User Info: Heartlz555

4 years ago#2
KI:U FC: 1203-9336-8106 "L"
Official Blade King of KIL

User Info: 7up1001

4 years ago#3
Lol Flint and your alts.
Member of the KIU: Midnight Knights Clan
3DS FC: 3093-7122-9771 Name: Seth Skype: seth7up

User Info: darksololo

4 years ago#4
can i join ?

User Info: rczvdogz

4 years ago#5
So finally, v61

It took awhile didn't it.
3ds friend code 4768-7619-5483

User Info: Blobs_

4 years ago#6
The Gelatinous, Squishy, Tasty Blob of the Kid Icarus: Uprising Board.
"I am a blob. Please refrain from eating me."
(message deleted)

User Info: batmann64

4 years ago#8
can i join my fc is 4983 6007 6004

User Info: ___Seth___

4 years ago#9
Can I join? FC in my sig.
3DS FC: 2809 - 7742 - 7862
(message deleted)
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