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5 years ago#1

It looks as though once again we have a massive load of failure in terms of 3DS software. The review score from Gamespot basically says it all, I think. Is anyone else super frustrated at the 3DS's lack of decent games? It seems like when we do get games like this, they're always far worse than their 360/PS3 counterparts. The 3DS reminds me a lot of the Wii in which if the games are available on 360/PS3 as well, if they're on the Wii they're graphically inferior and just plain bad when it comes to the gameplay. When it comes to Driver: Renegade, chalk up yet another failure in the 3DS's software lineup. This is frustrating.

User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
5 years ago#2
that's just the opinion of the reviewer. No one is forcing you to buy it if it doesn't appeal to you.

Driver isn't a terrible game by any means. In small doses it's very fun.
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User Info: gamerguy2800

5 years ago#3
I looked at the GameSpot review for this game and saw a few game play videos and I know I certainly won't be shelling out $40 for this game. It looks more like a $20 game maybe less.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
5 years ago#4

From: gamerguy2800 | #003
It looks more like a $20 game maybe less.

definitely worth $20. The career mode is the meat of the game.
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User Info: g2red89

5 years ago#5
Yes I am very frustrated with the lack of games. I wouldn't mind waiting this long for the games I want like MK 7 and 3d mario land if Nintendo had made some decent first party games to hold us over until then. The mario tennis game that's coming out sometime next year, could have been a launch game. Something with Mario and worthwhile, so it wouldn't have been bad waiting for the good games. It was either this or starfox, and I choose starfox and that is definitely not worth $40, hell I don't even think it's worth the $20 that I paid for. I wouldn't have gotten that crap had they had some decent games but now we just have to wait and I'm annoyed by that to say the least.
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