No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business.

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  3. No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business.

User Info: Zero_Saber_X

7 years ago#1
Just a new RE in the same vein as RE0, REmake, RE2, RE3, REC:VX, RE4, and RE5.

Thanks, Capcom!

User Info: gabor_sama

7 years ago#2

I hope it's NOT like RE4 and RE5.

User Info: Meagamaster

7 years ago#3
I would love to have a new system that takes advantage of the 3DS capabilities. But with a new generation on the way, anything is up for grabs
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User Info: Nightwind2002

7 years ago#4
I hope it's like 4. I cannot stand the horribly aged gameplay of the ones before that installment.

User Info: VegetaD

7 years ago#5
No way RE4 style is outdated. I'll be happy with the game no matter what they do though, it has Jill and Chris in it. That's all the reason I need to buy it on the first day.

User Info: wishroom

7 years ago#6
I'm hoping it's classic style too.
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User Info: BloodWind88

7 years ago#7
I hope it not a huge letdown like RE5 was.
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User Info: knives out

knives out
7 years ago#8
No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business.

well said
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User Info: deimos91

7 years ago#9
gabor sama wth you talkn 4 and 5 were awesome and need to have a portable game for it (the atrocious re4 iphone port doesnt count)
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User Info: ZBug_

7 years ago#10
New thought guys, what if it has all the exploring, puzzling and searching of the games before RE4 but at the same time has points in it where you having the aiming and shooting action of Re4/5.
Would this be fun in your opinion?
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  3. No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business.

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