No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business.

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User Info: RecRW

7 years ago#11
If it wasn't a straight up action game with a FEW (could be like five and I'd be happy) puzzles, I'll actually get this game with a smile on my face. Even if it had the whole over the shoulder aspect and some actual thrills (The only thrill within the last two RE games was the Oven Man in 4) I'll be happy.

Pretty much, if this isn't a straight up shooter with no real reason to carry on, I'll be happy.
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User Info: gcnrulez

7 years ago#12
OLD-SCHOOL RESIDENT EVIL with better controls
no RE 5 style RE PLEASE!!!
(RE 5 is a good game but it is not a RE anymore)

User Info: Ganados0

7 years ago#13

I think it should be a over the shoulder game just not what some dub 'Gears of Evil' where it's all action.

User Info: pyro922

7 years ago#14
They need to combine the exploration and puzzles of the the earlier resident evil games with the controls and action of the newer resident games. That's probably easier said than done, but it would be perfect in my opinion.
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User Info: Oval91

7 years ago#15
A combination of both playstyles would obviously work the best, but if I had to chose I'd take theRE4 way.

User Info: edward18

7 years ago#16
one that's actually a survival horror is what I want.
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User Info: lambo247

7 years ago#17
all in 3D
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User Info: XdemonAlucard

7 years ago#18
They should make that pre RE4 game that they were showing before the real RE4 came around.
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  3. No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business.

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