Is this going to be MULTIPLAYER?

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  3. Is this going to be MULTIPLAYER?

User Info: xcalvaryx

7 years ago#1
Dear god, I hope so.

Any knowledge on this?
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User Info: DankAssSlurpee

7 years ago#2
Won't know for a while. For what an EA rep said was Nintendo is trying to stream line online for 3DS. No Friends codes, track friend's achievements, etc. So hopefully Capcom will think about it.
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User Info: Ganados0

7 years ago#3

Some screens imply it will be like RE5 with co-op, maybe single player will featurea partner character.

User Info: gamesetto

7 years ago#4

It better have co-op in it.

From the new trailer I have seen, it shows jill and chris running together from a wave of water, shooting zombies, and walking together thru the halls. I am sure it will have co-op. this game is going to be so good :D lol.

User Info: RayHorak

7 years ago#5
If anything from the trailer, it implies Chris and Jill are NOT working together this time. My guess is it will be similar to RE1, where the characters are in the same area, but only occasionally meeting each other.
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  3. Is this going to be MULTIPLAYER?

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