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User Info: OriginalGalamin

7 years ago#1
^ They could make this game for ds lite. Maybe the graphics would be dumbed down a bit, but people would still play it.
I'm the original... You other "Galamines" are jockin' "Do a barrel roll!" (Press Z or R twice)!" - Peppy Hare (+[_]::)

User Info: RayHorak

7 years ago#2
Not likely, given the power of DS it would have to be dumbed down A LOT.
And I doubt that the post RE 4 Formula could work too well, due to lack of processing power. The only example of this kind of gameplay on DS was probably COP: the recruit and that didn't fare too well, did it?
If you want Res Evil on DS, you can still play Deadly silence ;) (I did)

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