I wish it were Leon

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User Info: edward18

7 years ago#21
Gemini, do you have a point you're trying to make?
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User Info: The_Dark_Pooma

7 years ago#22
Billy Cohen has been my favorite RE character so far. Although I'd like to see him in a sequel sometime, I don't see it happening.
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User Info: onionsunleashed

7 years ago#23
when i played re1 as a kid i used chris alot ill always be a chris fan, ive come to the conclusion after code veronicas encounter with wesker he hit the gym so ive excepted his new look. i think leon and chris go together well chris has that bruiser build leon has that martial arts dude build i want them in a game together also jill and claire should team up

User Info: SSJ_Jin

7 years ago#24
After RE2, RE4, Degeneration, Darkside, sending Ark, and sending Chris Claire's location, I'd say Leon's in need of a well deserved rest. But he'll be back. I mean, last time he was on a boat he died. >_>

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