Yes/No : Let there be more backstory/involvement in actual story for Hunk

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  3. Yes/No : Let there be more backstory/involvement in actual story for Hunk

User Info: YukitoRambo

7 years ago#1
Seems fishy that they showed what looked like Hunk as one of their promotional screenshots. You don't normally feature an unlockable character right off the bat for a first time announcement.

I'm reserving my thoughts on the matter right now, but I want to know what others think. I know a fair share of fans would want him to remain as an unlockable character rather than giving him a detailed backstory, or to put him right in the middle of the main plot with the risk of turning the story in a way that destroys his image of a 'badass'(I imagine this is because people just make assumptions themselves since he's got so little info on him. Kinda like the Silent Hill effect in a way that there is no true explanation for anything, and people use what little they can get to construct their own 'badass' image of him).

On the other hand, he did had a hand in the main plot for giving Umbrella a sample of 'G', though what the hell did Umbrella do with it is unknown since Umbrella's story just ended with a abrupt whimper with RE4's intro. A lot of other people would want to know what he's up to, how did he became a part of Umbrella, what's he currently doing...

It just seems to me though, that Hunk isn't the kind of character to plot anything on his own. He just thinks of himself as following orders and going on dangerous missions either out of some sense of duty, or maybe out of spite. If there's anything I want him to be, a villain is the LAST thing on my mind.
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User Info: RayHorak

7 years ago#2
Maybe he was ordered to get the same thing Jill/Chris are looking for and talking about in the trailer?

User Info: sheik__freak

7 years ago#3
I never really cared about HUNK before.

I would always see posts and theories before about who he is, and roll my eyes. People were so obsessed with him, yet he had no story really, except for obtaining the G sample in RE2.

Now that this trailer is out, I am one of those people! There are so many theories about who he can be:

- Alex Wesker
- The tied up Chris look-alike/clone in the trailer
- Wesker (I don't believe this one)

I just can't wait until more trailers and screen shots are released. But, for the first time, I am NOT going to ruin this game for myself, I'm not going to spoil the secrets for myself, I'm waiting to see them for myself.
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  3. Yes/No : Let there be more backstory/involvement in actual story for Hunk

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