just give me a boat full of crimson heads...

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  3. just give me a boat full of crimson heads...

User Info: SaltyWalnutz

7 years ago#1
over-the-shoulder camera, but with the pacing of the original games, fill the boat with crimson heads (they were just a mutation of the zomies anyway and that settles thhe whole "it would be too easy with just zombies if you can free aim" crap), the boat setting makes it so that you are trapped even if you wanted to leave, and have it that the emimies actively hunt you.


capcom, feel free to take notice how i just made everyone happy with one sentance

User Info: Maleek_Returns

7 years ago#2
Cool idea but nah, brah.
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User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

7 years ago#3
Fill the boat with nothing but Hunters and Lickers and I'll be happy.
Happy hunting folks
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User Info: K1ngM31220

7 years ago#4
Give me

-Zombies that are harder to kill (It's not hard for the devs to just make it so zombies need more than 1 headshot to die) AND come back as Crimson heads.

-Hunters, lickers, and one other classic RE monster

-Some other brand new BOWs.

User Info: SaltyWalnutz

7 years ago#5
dont be too literal with the topic title (having only crimson heads would be boring)... of course there would be other types of enemies... all im saying is that if we cant have zombies because it would be too easy (according to capcom) than lets have more crimson heads or just monsters that move faster in general... monsters that hunt and chase you down... monsters that are brutal... monsters that are hard to put down... something, you know, actually fear inducing but kept within the realm of reason... i just said crimson heads because they are aready cannon, but they still have all thoughs qualities i just mentioned

ps. i have always though hunters looked silly, the only thing scary about them it that one hit kill they do

User Info: Alky88

7 years ago#6
Zombies are not easier to kill than Majini. I don't remember stunning a zombie by shooting it anywhere. Even in UC/DC headshots aren't always the easiest things to pull off right away.

User Info: Demonhacker1

7 years ago#7
Just make every zombie in the game a Zombified Chris clone....Then he can run at you and use that boulder moving uppercut on you

User Info: snowflake182

7 years ago#8
It's True though, the way zombies acted in UC and the other rails one would work pretty well I think
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User Info: Growshroom

7 years ago#9
To make it even more tense, limit bullets to REmake levels.

Also, combine the Las Plagas and T-Virus. That way you have to pick your poison. If you drop zombies easily with clean headshots and want to prevent Crimson Heads, you have the option of burning them alive with limited amounts of flammable stuff (safe) or stomping their heads to mush. However, stomping their heads after killing them may trigger the Plagas within to take control of the inanimate body in a bid for survival.

Either way, you have to pick your shots. Or else you'll end up with Crimson Head zombies everywhere, some of whom have Plagas to augment their reach and attacks and allow them to continue to attack after their regular "death."
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7 years ago#10
Well you know they could go by Degeneration way of killing zombies, you know like shooting them in the head to kill em, that could actually make it alot harder than it sounds, making all other parts invincible to bullets, while the head is killable.

Crimson heads invincible against bullets except head, THAT ACTUALLY WOULD BE HARD! If they come at you with like 20 of them like in RE4 or 5.
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