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User Info: zex_army

7 years ago#11
"Man in the chair: Wesker."

Except he has a Aussie accent, lol.... And if this is pre-RE5, why would they have Wesker tied up?

If it's post RE5... He would be burnt up to no end.

User Info: Maleek_Returns

7 years ago#12
Assuming this is post-RE5, the Wesker we killed in the volcano was Alex Wesker and this one is the real Wesker.

Before-RE5... idk. Capcom should just make up something, tbh.
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User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

7 years ago#13
Interesting trailer,I can't wait to see more
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User Info: JBoc924

7 years ago#14
What if Alex Wesker has the ability to shapeshift ? idk at the end when they showed the "chris clone" talking his mouth reminded me alot of Wesker, as weird as that sounds lol.

User Info: koops3003

7 years ago#15
that looked crazy I can't wait
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User Info: Decoy2man

7 years ago#16
Wesker lives through new host body of chris, thats why the guy in end says actual chris is dead......

Also the guy in the end have clothes on neck, he isnt the guy on chair(edited to look like that)
Probably hunk without mask since hunk had blonde hair

All in all very moody, very good voice acting more excited than RE5
but i hope it wont be on rails and limited to less polys...

i am als loving designs , new Jill look is way better than RE5
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User Info: almostlovehate

7 years ago#17
...I hate Capcom and their cliffhangers.
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User Info: Reart93

7 years ago#18
I'm impressed. Seriously. If I had any doubt about buying the 3ds or not, it disappeared just now

User Info: Mewtwo_soul

7 years ago#19
This topic made me smile with the awesome theories being put out. You never know.
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User Info: sheik__freak

7 years ago#20
I didn't even think about that, Maleek_Returns...

The Wesker we killed in RE5 could have been Alex Wesker, and Albert could still be alive, somewhere...

Either way, we might find out that's true, but Jill and Chris still won't, because in the end of RE5, they kill Albert Wesker (or, maybe, so they thought).

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