Am i blind

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User Info: Tomma

7 years ago#1
But from a first look at the screens that woman that comes to mind is for it to be Jill, and even more for everyone to agree,is just odd. Am i the only one that thinks it looks like Sheva??

User Info: ClassicDefender

7 years ago#2
You mean you DIDN'T knowtice the lighter skin tone implying that she's white & not black? Yes I believe you are the only one to think Jill looks like Sheva.

User Info: ZBug_

7 years ago#3
If it's any consent, I don't think she look like either jill or sheva.
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User Info: Veitli

7 years ago#4
Honestly, at first I thought she was Claire. Jill's blonde now and her BSAA outfit had that hat. It just didn't register for me.

I don't think she looks anything like Sheva though.

User Info: dman_dustin

7 years ago#5

Here's a nice large image of Jill Valentine I found somewhere:

I compared it to the girl in the 3DS Resident Evil and theyl ook very similar to each other, I mean if they weren't the same character they would have to be siblings or some weird related status (Cousin, clone, etc). The only real difference between the two (aside from the obvious clothes) is Jill (as described in the trailer) looks worse for wear, she looks old and tired, but they look exactly like each other. They have the same gray eyes and they have the same face (aside from the "wrinkles" and Jill from the 3DS game looks like she has shorter hair.

But I for one can see they look the same.

User Info: LeonSK357

7 years ago#6
I saw the trailer. That's not Sheva. It's Jill. Definitely not Sheva cause... Well... Y'know... It's Jill's voice.
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User Info: OLIV47

7 years ago#7
You can't be serious !
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User Info: Lost7th

7 years ago#8
Jill's blonde now

cuz hair dyes don't exist right.

also if they can BS the change in the first pllace they can BS it turning back to it's proper non fanbase pissing off color
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User Info: Tomma

7 years ago#9
Um sorry Sheva didnt exactly look BLACK herself.....

User Info: GoodChoicesPls

7 years ago#10
*sigh* For the last time...there was a trailer, in which NOT ONLY did said "woman" speak with Jill's voice, but Chris himself called her Jill. Furthermore, she's wearing Jill's BSAA outfit sans hat. Could you guys like...look about this information before you make pointless already settled topics about it.
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