Undeniable proof that Hunk is indeed Alex Wesker (spoilers)

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  3. Undeniable proof that Hunk is indeed Alex Wesker (spoilers)

User Info: SSJ_Jin

7 years ago#1
There are many theories and speculation as to who Hunk may be. But the facts, my friends, have been right in front of us the whole time. Check it out...

The name Hunk goes by, (besides his nickname Mr. Death) is Hunk...obviously.

Hunk is defined as an attractive and usually well-built man.

One man that is generally viewed as a hunk by women is Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt is a Hollywood actor.

Brad Pitt starred in the popular film Fight Club.

Fight Club made the scene in 1999.

There is an album and song by the name of 1999.

The singer of 1999 is Prince.

Prince produced music to the classic 1989 film Batman.

In Batman, there is a character that seems "obsessed" with Batman as, early on, no one believes Batman exists.

This man is Alexander Knox.

What is a common way for people to refer to people named Alexander? Alex.

BAM! Hunk is Alex Wesker.

User Info: ZBug_

7 years ago#2
his alias is HUNK, it has to be in all caps. which actually indicates that is is a acronym for

Which makes perfect sense because he is very power full (in this case skill) and good at keeping his identity hidden.
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User Info: J_Can_Man

7 years ago#3
Why don't you try to show a little more passion...? Ya know, like me!!
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User Info: TokioRose

7 years ago#4
behind = blown
"clothed alien/human characters may prop a partner on a space console or unzip their future-blouse"
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User Info: garomasta

7 years ago#5
^^^ I like the Nuclear-powered King part.

User Info: Ct9983

7 years ago#6

I lol'd hard at that.

But back on topic, I think there may actually be some potential to the HUNK=Alex Wesker idea, since we're talking about Capcom here. A company that has used sich brilliant ideas as:

"Jill is dead, except not really, because Wesker likes blondes. OH! and she's blonde now too!"


"Leon's big random adventure that has nothing to do with anything but we call it RE to sell copies"

and let us not forget "This takes place BEFORE RE1, but has nothing to do with the rest of the series, but it has a man in a dress, and leaches and Rebecca, and we'll never mention it again for no reason!"

So something like "HUNK is actually Wesker's long lost evil(er) twin brotha!" isn't THAT far fetched...

User Info: gamerfan74

7 years ago#7

*Back in RE5 when Ozwell is telling Albert about the Wesker Children* "You Albert, were the only survivor of the Wesker childern.... Except this one other kid, but he dosen't matter" And I LOL'd at the comment about RE0 because I've always thought the same thing. I mean, the leeches thing makes no since and then Rebecca went on this huge adventure where she killed tons of zombies and other BOWs but then she gets to the Mansion and never mentions anything about it and goes back as if she had never done anything. I can hardly call RE0 canon just because of some of the stuff they did.

User Info: Joseph_Frost

7 years ago#8
Wait a minute, let me get this straight;

Wesker has a son?

Wesker likes women?

He actually has a set of balls?

****, I guess the nxt time I see Forest I'll owe him fifty bucks. Dammit....
I'm alive!

User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

7 years ago#9
Hunk is 4 letters... and Alex is 4 letters.....OMG,They are indeed one and the same,But wait a second.Jill is 4 letters too
Now it all makes sense,Now we understand why Jill is acting the way she is in the trailer.
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7 years ago#10
You do know RE4 in beta was supposed to be the last Resident Evil game but Shinji changed everything about it to what it is now. RE4 was like a reboot of the series but then because Shinji left, well Capcom went back to the G-virus and such. We dont really know what Shinji had in store for the rest of the series but it probably would be better than what RE5 was.

Leons adventure had something to do with the series ORIGINALLY! Back in beta days.
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  3. Undeniable proof that Hunk is indeed Alex Wesker (spoilers)

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