Alex wesker???? confused explanation anyone?

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  3. Alex wesker???? confused explanation anyone?

User Info: edward18

7 years ago#11
Before you die you see the Tails Doll---Backdrop Observer of the Metroid: Other M board


7 years ago#12
Does anyone on these boards even know anything about females?

Jill could easily have colored her hair back to her original color if she wanted, so THIS GAME CAN TAKE PLACE AFTER 5!

You know I have girl type friends who dye there hair different colors and when they quit, a week later, it goes straight back to its original color. IT DOESNT TAKE A WHOLE DAMN YEAR FOR THERE HAIR TO GO BACK TO NORMAL!

User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

7 years ago#13
Mostly been pointed out but yes Alex Wesker was mentioned in Resident Evil 5's DLC Lost in Nightmares, but one ability of his I haven't seen mentioned.

Alex Wesker is supposed to be brilliant. Spencer says he has an amazing ability where he can perfect a technique on mere observation alone, new concepts he conquered easily just by seeing them in action. He managed to trick and betray Spencer, milking all he was worth to Alex and getting off with a ton of funding, researchers, test subjects, and a virus he perfected to create immortality. More so, there is a file you can find in Chapter 5-1 of Resident Evil 5 by a Alex W. (most likely Alex Wesker based on the name and the subject) and the file talks about Project W. and Wesker's death. More interestingly though the Alex W. they mention appears to be the head of Umbrella's Information Department in 1998. This means that Alex should know EVERYTHING that happened within Umbrella, he had/has the database of all of Umbrella' doings and plans, and given his mentioned ability to perfect things based on mere observation...

Get where I'm going with this? His plan could be to perfect the plans Umbrella set in motion since it's suggested in the files that Alex is pleasant and mannered on the outside but inside a calculating cold man who benefits the most he can from every situation, observing and bettering things others do.
Only if you pay me.

User Info: TMW001

7 years ago#14
Alex Weskers sounds like some kinda of super Wesker!

User Info: Pego_tinn

7 years ago#15
Super Wesker sounds alot like Super Shredder!
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  3. Alex wesker???? confused explanation anyone?

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