Psp to 3Ds?

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User Info: tetradragoon

7 years ago#1
So no news from Re on the Psp for one year and bang! Capcom announced a new resident evil on the upcoming 3Ds. Beside, we even got a video within the week and still no news from Re Psp. So, dont get me wrong but seems like they switch platform. Anyway, i'm pretty sure the Re on resident would've been a la outbreak with 4 players coop adhoc with no/almost no story surrounding characters like chris, leon etc... So what do you think? There still TGS and the game convention so let's hope!(maybe they are preparing this Re for the Psp...2! so they dont want to spoil it!) Well Psp2 with Re will be awesome and would kick ass but i think this is only a dream...

User Info: Jipset

7 years ago#2

I wouldn't be surprised if they announced it on the PSP as well.

User Info: Kyokugen_Spirit

7 years ago#3
That's because the PSP sucks.

User Info: Numbuh100

7 years ago#4
Sony got no plans for the PSP. Too bad for them. PSP doesn't have good quality of games anyway.

User Info: ClassicDefender

7 years ago#5
Agree with Numbah100, I own pretty much all the AAA quality games & they round out to joke. To be honest sony was a fool to challenge Nintendo in the handheld market, Nintendo has dominated handhelds since the inception of the GameBoy. NO ONE has been able to topple them ever.

I wouldn't be suprised if sony droped the handheld brand...then again they are pretty stubbon & game mistakes, look at the starting years of the ps3, the really stupid commercials for the psp & ps3. Sony's just too cocky & they've been DEEPLY humbled in recent events.

Plus I'm sure the third party companies know who's REALLY incharge since SOny & Microsoft were constantly bashing Nintendo's motion gameplay tech...& now they've got their own. If sony's smart there will be no psp2.

User Info: LeonSK357

7 years ago#6
If sony's smart there will be no psp2

PSP fat, PSP 2000, PSP 3000, PSPgo.... I think the PSP2 was out two PSPs ago. And if you wanna call the 2000 and 3000 redesigns, then PSPgo would be the 2.
This is the internetz. Where the firewalls against logic are impenetrable and the only things that spread efficiently are viruses and stupid.

User Info: Alky88

7 years ago#7
Honestly they did mention that we weren't going to hear anything about that game for a very long time. It was at E3 last year and we're basically only 1 year after that.
I'd wait at least TGS to say that the game doesn't exist anymore.

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