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User Info: Goldenguy123

6 years ago#1
There better not be another frikin chainsaw maniac....I hate chainsaws...

But it looks like the zomboes are comin back, so It's lookin good....still, you never know. Capcom seem to like chainsaws.

Nope. Dont want chainsaws. Ever again. How about yous guys?
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User Info: bigshot2000

6 years ago#2
i like the chainsaws in resi 4, it actually added alot more... manic to the situation. the resi 5 ones were too easy, WAAAAAY too easy.

but i wouldn't mind if they weren't added to this game
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User Info: Alky88

6 years ago#3
Only zombies, hunters and stuff like that I hope. No more crazy villagers.

User Info: Chilly82

6 years ago#4
How about a Majini with a whipper snipper?

User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

6 years ago#5
I wouldn't mind seeing Hunk running around using a chainsaw,but that is about it.No Nombies with weapons please
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User Info: Mohammad37

6 years ago#6
I liked the Executioner more than the chainsaw majini, I wish they include the Executioner Majini in this game, so as that monster (can't remember his name) the one that appeared in Lost in Nightmares, I hope they make more bosses like Lisa Trevor and Nemesis !!

User Info: Divine_Exodud

6 years ago#7
Chainsaws actually fit well in 4. In No. That was extremely random and worn out by then. Hopefully we go back to zombie puke as a weapon for enemies.
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User Info: Re4_fr3ak

6 years ago#8
how were chainsaws in 5 extremely random? i thought they were too easy but i liked the fact that there were still chainsaws
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User Info: VIIVincent

6 years ago#9
RE5 toned down the violence, Chainsaws doesnt show head falling off nor do death scenarios with button input.

RE4 had the right violence and gore that made me go, >_<

they are a bore in RE5, they werent that scary nor did they look it. Dual Chainsaw psycho path in mercs of RE4 still haunts me to this day...
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User Info: Divine_Exodud

6 years ago#10
An eerie village setting with a bunch of work tools has a reason to have chainsaws. Its heavily forested. Kijuju in Africa...there is no point of having a chainsaw in a random city. Thats my opinion though. I liked it but, it wasnt scary like it was. Conveniently place flammable barrels? Like he wasnt easy enough. I just believe the chainsaw didnt fit the setting.
MH 3: Erebrea. See that scuzzy lookin guy over there? Run him down.

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