RE3 remake

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User Info: Quake_Killa_B

7 years ago#41
in a lot of ways, 4 and 5 are considered to be more of an "action horror" genre rathert than "survival horror"
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User Info: Meagamaster

7 years ago#42
What would be interesting is if they had Nemesis chase you based on how you play the game. Kinda like how Silent Hill: Shattered Memories uses your own psychology against you from the get go.
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User Info: Ganados0

7 years ago#43

Random enemy placment in the next RE4 style game would ramp up the replay value. It works for Left 4 Dead and it will also happen in the Wii version of The Grinder.

I think the ability to hide from Nemesis as in Silent Hill Shattered Memory and Metal Gear Solid would make for some tense moments too, like duck into a store room and peek through a keyhole or under the door.

User Info: TheDawnRider

7 years ago#44
RE2 and RE3 remake? Hell yes. Behind the shoulder view? HELL NO, what are you thinking!? Just remake them like the first game...
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User Info: Oni_Taedo

7 years ago#45
Give it the same camera style as RE4&5. But add a fear meter, the more afraid the player becomes, the harder it is to aim and move, making headshots and such, much harder to make, which will help make the game much more tense.

User Info: nickzambuto

7 years ago#46


User Info: Mr_Cardboardbox

7 years ago#47
Hmmmm RE3 remake with 4/5 camera?

Although I dont like the idea, but what ever can get RE2,3 and CVX remade in full I'll be on board for.

I loved how Nemesis would stalk you in the game. If they remade it they should randomize it or just make it that he constantly stalked you like someone else said.

Good show.
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