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User Info: Zerowolf86

7 years ago#1
Has Capcom said when this game supposedly take place. Is it after RE5 or before?

User Info: snake_dante44

7 years ago#2
no, they haven't given any information regarding if it's before or after RE5. But i think it's after RE5.

User Info: Alky88

7 years ago#3
Nothing official but it's most likely after considering Jill is hiding the device scar.
Being before wouldn't make much sense anyway as they've said that this game is the next part of the series (kinda like Code Veronica was after RE2/3) so taking place between 5 and 6 makes the most sense to me.
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User Info: 4everbuffy

7 years ago#4
Resident Evil Zero (Rebecca and Billy)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Subscenario 2: Nightmare (Rebecca and Richard before find Chris)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Subscenario 1: Beginnings (Wesker side story)

Resident Evil 1 (Chris and Jill)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Subscenario 3: Rebirth (Wesker survives)

Resident Evil 2 (Claire and Leon)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Subscenario 4: Death's Door (Ada survives)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Subscenario 5: Fourth Survivor (Hunks mission)

Resident Evil 3 (Jill and Carlos)

Resident Evil Code Veronica (Claire and Chris)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Scenario 4: Umbrella's End (Chris and Jill - Russian Mission)

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Subscenario 6: Dark Legacy (Wesker - side story Russian Mission)

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles: Scenario: Game of Oblivion (Leon and Krauser)

Resident Evil 4 (Leon and Ashley)

Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways (Ada and Wesker)

Resident Evil Degeneration (Leon and Claire)

Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmare (Chris and Jill)

Resident Evil 5: (Chris and Sheva)

Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape: (Jill and Josh)

Resident Evil: Revelations (Chris and Jill)

Resident Evil 6

User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

7 years ago#5
I am hoping this is after RE5.This should help lead up to RE6.Bring on the horror and zombies dammit
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