Why Resident Evil: Afterlife was not too good.

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User Info: HLREFan

7 years ago#1
First off. I am one of the few fans that has played the series since the start, owns all of the games, action figures and dolls and still loves the films.

The main let down was their poor continuity, even my girlfriend noticed and she has only seen the movies once.

Resident Extinction was based five years after Apocalypse, and Afterlife is meant to be based after Extinction, yet at the begining of the film it show the outbreak starting in Japan, but then cuts to an assault on umbrella based after Extinction. So to show the leap from film the second movies time fram to the fourth one, why did it say "4 Years Later"? Why not "5 or 6"?

I feel that Afterlife was gimicky, the 3D was not that good.

The "slo-mo" effects and screechy music got tiresome after the second or third time.

At least in Apocalypse and Extinction they offered some explanation as to where Nemesis and te Tyrant came from, they did not explain anyhting about the Majini, the dogs or executuioner.

Wesker was waaaaaay to over the top.

Chris was a somewhat redeeming factor, still didn't get him right.

The Jill cameo........don't get me started.

I would have preferred that the Osprey like aircraft used by Umbrella had be Black_hawk choppers instead.

What the hell was up with the sci-fi blackhole like Facility Purging system? Why not use old fashioned explosives like the games? Instead of Wesker pulling out his Iphone and purging with a big blue explosion.

All in all, this had potential, but it felt rushed. I feel out of all four movies this is most deserving of poor reveiws. I Knew it was going to be rushed as soon as they changed thhe release date to January 2011 then bcak to September 2010.

User Info: edward18

7 years ago#2
not that much of a surprise.
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User Info: LilCrimsonNemo

7 years ago#3
I still plan on seeing the movie soon,No matter how bad it is.But please,Do go into detail about the Jill thing.That should be a good laugh at how they messed her up
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User Info: Maleek_Returns

7 years ago#4
I thought the Jill cameo was cool.
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User Info: sheik__freak

7 years ago#5
They didn't really mess up the Jill cameo, except the fact that it was way too short. I'd give it 20 seconds.

On top of that, it happened after the cast list at the end of the movie, and about a fourth of my theater had already left, and missed it.

They should have given her more screen time, and instead of it being after the cast credits, it should have happened between the end and the cast credits, so everyone would have seen it.

User Info: sophap

7 years ago#6

everyone i knew enjoyed the movie. i guess we have lower standards.

well anyways the movie had only a budget of 60 million. that is low compared to thos higher budget movies.

with the jill cameo, i was actually thinking that they might release a sequel same time next year. the movie itself didn't take that long to make, couple weeks filming, rest editing, cgi, 3d.

which comes to my conclusion. they basically probably had the jill cameo because a sequel is going to be release right after. like the twilight saga eclipse, breaking dawn, or harry potter. both movies are being split but are being made/film at the same time.

so basically what i'm saying is they probably already filmed alot of scenes to be for the next sequel considering a 60 million budget only, there going to make alot of profit.

dragon ball evolution had 50-60 million also, but movie failed, but it was said movie actually had 100 million budget, the other half was for the sequel coming 2011.

User Info: Alky88

7 years ago#7
Hinting at her cameo would've been a good move. Honestly ,unless someone recently watched Apocalypse or played RE5, I don't think anyone would know who the hell that woman is. Nice to know that the next movie will steal more of RE5's plot lol. I bet Wesker is still alive and they'll replace Sheva and Chris with Alice in the "two on two" scene from the game. Except it won't be two on two anymore.
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User Info: keith_12x

7 years ago#8
to HLREFan,

the reason why it was 4 instead of 5 or 6 years was because it took at least a year for the outbreak, after the incident of racoon city, to reach tokyo. so the first part of the film in tokyo took place before extinction began. and after extinction finished it resumed to the second portion of the tokyo scene with all of alice and her clone.

so i think i just andswer your question. haha
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7 years ago#9
You guys do know that Afterlife is the FINAL RE movie, dont you? Paul Anderson has admitted that there gonna do a REBOOT AKA start from the beginning and use new actors cause he said Milla Jovovich is costing too much money to use now.



User Info: sophap

7 years ago#10

i doubt afterlife is last series, they already stated for sequel.


you see parachute after chopper explodes, basically weskers is alive.

end spoiler

n i doubt they will do a reboot, milla is paul s wife.

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