Why Resident Evil: Afterlife was not too good.

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User Info: VaultTecBoy1986

7 years ago#11
doubt they will do a reboot, milla is paul s wife.

Well, if they aren't going to do a reboot, they should at least have the decency to stop making these awful movies.
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User Info: SMT_Masochist

7 years ago#12
The outbreak in japan was cool and kind of set the tone. Perhaps it was for people who didn't know it was in japan or didn't know what the movie was about?

The 3d was pretty good. It was actually shot in 3d as opposed to all that other trash that adds it after the fact to cash in (clash, Alice, etc). Best since avatar.

Wesker is a B movie villain. What did you expect?

I though the movie was good. Maybe you like the games too much to enjoy any other media that comes out for it. Similar to the manga fans when they release anime or game versions?
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User Info: HLREFan

7 years ago#13
Keith, thats a good point, I though of that after posting. Thoug they should have made it a little bit more clear.


I agree the shooting in 3D was cool. Though read my first post, I love the other movies, andything called Biohazard or Resident Evil.

Now that week has past, the dust has settled and I have seen it again, I didnt mind it though it could have been better.

User Info: Luminous_Arc

7 years ago#14
it was pretty good. dunno wat ur talking aboot ;o

User Info: RyuFlamecoft

7 years ago#15
At first I thought Miller was a terrible choice for Chris. After seeing the movie I was totally wrong. He voice in the movie perfectly fits, even some of the expressions. It's just the hair that needs an update.

Wesker wasn't overdone, in fact, he was underdone. Hardly any screentime. However, him having the majini mouth thing was like such a facepalm.

What was bad about this movie was the rushed ending and very little actual "zombie" movie moments.

When Wesker threw his glasses at the screen. I threw an extra pair of 3D glasses I took right back at the theater screen from the top back row. It didn't and wasn't meant to hit but the audience laughed.
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