who the hell is alex wesker

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User Info: nickzambuto

7 years ago#1

people keep talking about alex wesker, but who is he. i dont remember anyone going by the name alex? where did he come from?

User Info: edward18

7 years ago#2
Lost in Nightmares
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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

7 years ago#3
Alex Wesker was the 12th candidate in Project W, with Albert being 13(I think). Spencer told Albert he was the only one left, but I think that was to make sure Albert didn't find out about the "Immortality" virus Alex was making for Spencer. You can see in my sig who I think Alex is.
My new Resident Evil prediction: HUNK is Alex Wesker, who's also a clone of Chris Redfield.


7 years ago#4
Atleast Alex doesnt need to inject himself multiple times a day like Albert does. Alex just injects himself 1 time and hes perminently a super human.

I swear it was said in LIN, that Alex is special and didnt have problems with the virus like Albert did AKA having to inject himself to keep it from overpowering.
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  3. who the hell is alex wesker

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