Is there any evidence that...

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User Info: G-Scythe

6 years ago#1
Alex is evil. I mean they really don't make any mention of him being evil. He escaped Umbrella as a kid, so I would think he would be against Umbrella. I'm thinking Albert's bro might take on a more heroic role if he appears in a future game.

Also that would set up the ever-loved brotherhood rivalry cliche that people always eat up if Albert ever decides to show up in the future.(i know he's dead now i don't feel like arguing about that now) Also it could set up a plotline where the original characters don't trust him even though he is good because he reminds them of Albert but eventually accept him. (also cliche but usually works out fine)

and yes i posted this in another thread but i felt like making a topic out of it because most people might overlook it being that the other one is really long.

User Info: REfan33

6 years ago#2
they are clones, so they all acted the same.
hence, hes evil
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User Info: edward18

6 years ago#3
The Wesker Children are not clones, and even if they were, it's obvious from documents that they don't act the same.
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User Info: Turlast

6 years ago#4
He never escaped Umbrella as a kid. He was working on some special virus for Spencer, then he just up and left with the test subjects.
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