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User Info: Ziggy_SEES_SeeD

6 years ago#31

Plus he only has seven minutes to play with you.
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User Info: ShelledBug_llb

6 years ago#32
parenty control on it.Which could mean that this points towards games too instead of only the browsing the internet part. If so games can be played censored / uncensored

This, would annoy me. the game is rated M it shouldn't even have people under the age of 17 (or 16, depending where you live) in mind when making the game
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User Info: _Drago_

6 years ago#33
lol at REfan33 and for this topic turning into a gay rights debate

but imo boobs>abs. girls that are too skinny make me feel fat.

Cool but I see his point. The fastest chick who runs around my city is freakin ab ripped. I can't even remember how big her chest is cuz her stomach is all my eyes see lol.

Course, I'm more of a good core and sexy leg type person. Good thing is, you can show em all the time. : )
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User Info: _Drago_

6 years ago#34
but I thought RE2 had the best of all the old ones. The zombies actually ate you and the blood splatter on the screen with the over the top wail was awesome and scary.

Agreed. To me RE4 wins the most gruesome award but RE2 wins the most creative deaths.

You gotta love Tyrant curb stomping your character. Lol.
Have the courage to show your true face before confrontation.
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User Info: Henk_m

6 years ago#35
Screw the player death scenes I want the freaking enemy dismembering back.

with the start of CV the dismembering disappeared one could do headshots but that was all.

When RE4 came I though hell with the new aiming system one could really do some damage to the foes but just headshots there aswell same with RE5.

Player death scenes is cool but want the dismembering of past titles back more.
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User Info: Maninstagnate

6 years ago#36
I hope they make very gorie and violent death scenes that was one reason that made RE4 so intense too bad they didn't believe that in RE5 but what could they do it would probally had to be censored in jpn anyway since they are more strict about violence over there.

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