Official Nintendo Magazine: Revelations could be the best Resident Evil to Date

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User Info: Zero97

6 years ago#1
The newest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) hit store shelves today in Europe, and there were a few interesting tidbits about Resident Evil Revelations. First they seem excited as they think Revelations could be the very best Resident Evil game to date, combing and evolving the series in ways to take what works and amplify it. Having a Resident Evil 4/5 camera style while maneuvering cramped spaces in the dark haunted house-like cruise ship, the camera style changes to a first person view when they aim, with ONM also confirming in this mode players can move and shoot while aiming. Given you’re not going to be running and shooting but stick to a crawl as you can allow yourself to pace around as you aim. They also say 3D is one of the best things to happen to horror gaming, there’s nothing quite as terrifying as looking left or right and seeing nothing there only to turn around and see something coming at you in fully rendered 3D.

They also speak a bit how the game is very story-heavy, and their interested to see how a friendship-turning sour between Chris and Jill fares as some initial disagreements turn into distrust which soon turn in suspicion and madness. They also speak that the game uses weather to it’s efficiency, and that the cruise ship they are on is doomed and as the game progresses parts of the ship are getting flooded and torn as monsters break free and multiply. They even hint that this all happens in real-time and not scripted to reaching certain points in the game, so the longer you dwiddle-daddle the worse state the ship finds itself in and the harder it gets for our heroes, with it maybe even including timed events in the style of The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask where it sounds like the whole ship is screwed and you need to get out of there before time runs out with specific events linked to certain times on the ship. All very interesting and unexpected.

They share 8 reasons why this may be the best Resident Evil yet and a real system seller for the 3DS, check out ONM for the two pages on the game.

User Info: Zero97

6 years ago#2

User Info: ffdgh

6 years ago#3
oh God, the ship is a ticking time bomb of doom >_____<
and now that i think about it, how do the monsters.... multiply..
and i'd imagine on the harder difficulties, the ship decides it want to sink faster XD
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User Info: VegetaD

6 years ago#4
Ha now all those people can finally stop crying about the series not having run and shoot. I'm getting more and more excited about this game every day. It's definitely my most anticipated game of next year. I share their interest in the story as well, I'm trying to figure out why exactly Jill and Chris would point a gun at each other and who that man in the chair is. Not even playing it, I know it'll be much better than 4 and 5 because of the enemies and the fact Jill is the main character again. They may not be bringing back fixed camera angles but they're bringing back everything else I loved about the old REs that 4 and 5 lacked. The only disappointment for me is that the game can't come any sooner.

User Info: Chilly82

6 years ago#5
Wow this game sounds too good. They should really port it to consoles.

User Info: Sir_Nutty

6 years ago#6
Awesome. The ship falling apart, and possibly leaving you without answers might point to multiple endings as well!

I love it when a game has reasons to replay it.

User Info: Zero97

6 years ago#7
Revelations Coming out Autumn 2011
Mercenaries Coming out Spring 2011 (Launch Title?)

User Info: Advent_Grey

6 years ago#8
Wow. I want, now.

User Info: _klavier_gavin

6 years ago#9
capcom has finally sold out to the a japanese person i am sad

User Info: NassaDane

6 years ago#10
--"capcom has finally sold out to the west"-- an american i'm sad
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