Which RE had the best Ending? **Spoilers**

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  3. Which RE had the best Ending? **Spoilers**

User Info: NassaDane

6 years ago#1
In honor of just beating RE3 for the first time. Which game had the best pay off ending or the best explosions or what ever makes and ending great for you? Although i was freaking out at the end of 3 on how awesome and grand the ending was i have to say Code Veronica X had the best ending.

***Spoilers just in case*****

The whole beyond cool fight between Wesker and Chris just made the ending the best. It was just so great. The whole hinting at a possible Steve survival. Pretty much everything Wesker says at the end.

*******Spoiler End*******

"Ignorance is Bliss"

User Info: o___Okami

6 years ago#2
Gotta love forgotten / abandoned plot points!
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User Info: Advent_Grey

6 years ago#3
"Gotta love forgotten / abandoned plot points!"

*Remembers Sherry*

Oh yeah. I wonder whatever happened to her...

Anyway, as far as mainstream Resident Evil's go, I'd say either 0 or CVX had the best ending. I just loved the way-

*Spoilers for RE0*

Billy finished off Marcus. "Hey, Queenie! Feast on THIS!"

*End Spoilers*

As far as non-mainstream RE's go, I'd say RE Outbreak's Kevin and Jim ending.

*Spoilers for Outbreak*

Jim freaking out about dying, and Kevin acting all nonchalantly, telling him to calm down made me lol. Oh, and the way he takes on Thanatos right before the nuke hits.

*End Spoilers*

User Info: TravisIsGod

6 years ago#4
My fav RE is #3 and I love when


Jill finishes Nemesis saying "you want stars i"ll give you stars!"
I'm all about No More Heroes!
Shinobu as the star of NMH3!!!

User Info: odachris

6 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: hxcgrdhorror

6 years ago#6



STARS never had to deal with anything of the nature that they had to deal with in that mansion, and you could literally see the relief in their weary souls after that explosion happens while they fly to safety. And given that this was my first completed survival horror, I could relate to this tension relief.

User Info: VegetaD

6 years ago#7
My picks are for RE3 and RE0. RE3 because Jill didn't have to run from Nemesis anymore and she just blasted him in the head with a magnum while saying "You want STARS?! I'll give you STARS!" I also pick RE0 because it had Billy pumping one final magnum shot into Queen Leech's head. It's pretty satisfying when the final bosses are killed with a magnum. One of the best Resident Evil weapons ever.

User Info: NassaDane

6 years ago#8
Its weird no one mentions the thing that made RE3s ending Sooo awesome.

******Spoilers RE3********************
*************End Spoilers********

I was freaking out!
"Ignorance is Bliss"
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  3. Which RE had the best Ending? **Spoilers**

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