Sharks in this game?

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User Info: MasterAdeptAlex

5 years ago#1
It seems like this game would be a perfect contender to have some kind of shark enemy or boss since this game takes place at sea and on a cruise ship. I really loved the Neptune segment in RE1 Remake. My question is, are there any similar segments in this game that has sharks or other marine creatures as enemies?
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User Info: WalkinPneumonia

5 years ago#2
Shark, no. Other giant fish like creatures, yes.

User Info: Number43

5 years ago#3
There are a few kinds of aquatic enemies, both fought in waist deep water and things you have to avoid in swimming segments. None of them are anything like sharks though.

User Info: DarkWind313

5 years ago#4
The closest thing would be the Ghiozzo (piranha-like fish monsters), some of which are quite large.
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User Info: Checkmate88

5 years ago#5
It seems like most enemies are just T-Abyss infected humans. Even those blob things were people.

I bet the devs were like this:

dev 1: So, we need to think of some enemies.

dev 2: Zombies.

dev 1: Actually, I was thinking we could try an aquatic theme this time.

dev 2: Soooo... Slimy zombies?

I had fun with this game, I thought it was great, but it could have used a few more types of enemies.
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User Info: finalevil151

5 years ago#6
They were intending to have more enemies, like a shark enemy and a lobster kinda thing... It was all eventually scrapped though.

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