Hilarious Glitch.

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User Info: MrAntike184

4 years ago#1
I was on Side Deck - Abyss, it was at the part where you go through the door at the begining, where after you go through it your game loads. I was ahead of my partner, when my game was done loading, her game was still loading, so i went back to the loading door, and looked in, and the door turned invisible, so i walked through the door (this time it didnt load) and the floor turned invisible! ^_^ so i looked down just to see the ocean, so i ran out of bounds i guess, and ended up dying, and then some how i came back to life, and then died again! lol it was just funny to me for some reason.
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User Info: GeneraLight

4 years ago#2
Revelations has so many glitches.

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