How is this compared to RE4?

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User Info: Rango

4 years ago#1
>Is it replayable?
>Are the menus well-organized?
>Does this have its scary moments?

I feel with RE5, the series fell off the map. It turned into Gears of War, the inventory menu was cluttered, the co-op system was questionable, and it didn't have any fear at all. At least in RE4, you had to watch your back from Ganado coming after you and, worst of all, listen for Regenerators breathing.

User Info: Neutron15

4 years ago#2
the answer to those 3 questions is Yes, horror and action - a successful blend
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User Info: cervidae-rae

4 years ago#3
Yes, yes, and yes.
And along with the three difficulty modes to play through in Campaign Mode, there's also the highly addictive Raid Mode that's tons of fun.

User Info: Rango

4 years ago#4
Is there plenty of stuff to unlock?
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User Info: DanteAwakenin

4 years ago#5
RE:R have a better story and gameplay, It's also scarier imo.

The upgrading system goes to RE4.
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  3. How is this compared to RE4?

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