Why is this game praised?

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User Info: Cyncro

4 years ago#21
DoomsSD posted...
Cyncro posted...
That's sort of like saying Day 1 DLC isn't a big deal because you don't have to buy it.

Not even the same thing. A harmless recap scene that takes about one second to skip is not the same as having the option to buy Day 1 DLC but not doing so because money changes hands and players of the game are already being expected to fork out for features that could and should have been included the game for everyone.

One is, at most, a minor nuisance albeit it's inclusion is there with the best of intentions. The other is a nuisance because it is the product of shameless greed.

I'll admit it's a bit drastic to compare the two, and you're not wrong in any way. I just feel that it was an effort in the project of this game that reflects badly on the game as a whole, because they are still there. If they had asked me to turn them off entirely in the beginning of the game, it would have been a completely different story. That's just how I feel.

But I will probably pick it up sometime soon and try it again.
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User Info: dragonstar13

4 years ago#22
sbn4 posted...
I should have argued my character point a little better. The fan service characters who are considered the main characters are boring. Chris and Jill. Chris is my favorite character, but he's really dull here. But to his defense, he had at least one or two funny lines.

Really? I liked his dull personality against Jessica. I couldn't help but laugh when they were introduced as partners. I wish they stuck together longer because they seem more fun. Jill I also kind of expected her personality to be like this, since her personality in RE1 + 3 seem to indicate that she's very job oriented. Yes, this does make her dull and boring, but I kind of associate Jill with just being focused on the job. It's what I like about her, and makes me respect her.
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User Info: kanto_wanderer

4 years ago#23
I agree with you on some points. This is not a great Resident Evil game, but it is one of the best the series has produced in years. I absolutely agree with you that switching between characters really hurts the flow of the game. It's not so much the new characters or trying to follow the convoluted story, it's just that the game is far less interesting when you leave the infected cruise ship and far less intense. The story itself is also incredibly forgettable, but I could fault the last several games for the same reason. At least it admirably builds a solid amount of tension in the early stages as you have no idea what's going on. So I have those issues with the game, but overall, it's an excellent title and I think the gameplay and visuals are terrific for the 3DS. I don't know if people playing it for the first time on home consoles will fully appreciate it on a technical level, but I do think the gameplay will hold up fairly well for people who took issue with RE6's faster-paced gameplay.

User Info: GeneraLight

4 years ago#24
kanto_wanderer posted...
I agree with you on some points. This is not a great Resident Evil game

Stopped reading there.

User Info: beny_pimpster

4 years ago#25
best 3rd party game 3ds ever had.. castlevania is okay but cant hold a candle to this game

User Info: kanto_wanderer

4 years ago#26
GeneraLight posted...
kanto_wanderer posted...
I agree with you on some points. This is not a great Resident Evil game

Stopped reading there.

You're too sensitive then.

User Info: MacrossSpecial

4 years ago#27
I just got this yesterday and I am baffled as to how they could make this and then release that stinker re6 later in the year.
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User Info: DoomsSD

4 years ago#28
MacrossSpecial posted...
I just got this yesterday and I am baffled as to how they could make this and then release that stinker re6 later in the year.

My wild guess at what the logic was-

They may have always intended to use two games as a tester for future reactions. Resident 6 being a numbered canon entry on a console was always going to have massive fan interest behind it so they could continue going on in the direction they wanted to take Resident Evil in as they believe that it was the "low risk" strategy because they think the modern Resident Evil fan wants a hollywood action game.

The 3DS Revelations game was the risk (to them) because they are taking a punt that Resident Evil fans want a game more in line with the older ones and not towards the action shooter series that they envision Resident Evil becoming. Therefore they released it on the 3DS, which was a new-ish handheld at the time and didn't really have much of a library to compete with. They could experiment on 3DS and going back to the series game play roots was a risk that wouldn't bite them in the ass if it went wrong.

To me, though, as a Resident Evil fan, I know what style of game I prefer and what gives me the best experience in what is supposed to be a "survival horror" experience. Capcom don't seem to understand their audience any more.

Resident Evil: Revelations was indeed a Revelation- for Capcom. Now they KNOW what way we like our Resident Evil. Lets just hope they leave the action shooter stuff for CoD/BF now.
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User Info: Echidneys

4 years ago#29
The "previously on Resident Evil" segments were good in two ways:

If you stop playing for a while and pick it back up, it's a good way to re-learn what's happened in the story so far, or perhaps a reminder if you stop and then start playing again the next day.

If you're on one long playthrough, from chapter to chapter, then it helps summarize and recap the more important elements of the story so you can keep better track of what is happening.

You can always just skip them, so it doesn't really matter.
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User Info: vu_comet

4 years ago#30
I just started playing the game yesterday, and I am pretty pleased with it. I didn't go in with expectations to be as good as my favorite Resident Evil games (Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica), which I think this story is going to be much shorter than they were.

But, I will say the horror elements and eerie feelings seem to bring this game back to what I remembered about playing the originals.

The sad thing is that most of the scares seem pretty predictable that I wish I were twenty years younger in order to appreciate them more.
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