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User Info: DiegoLibe

4 years ago#1
In a moment of boredom, today, i started to think about something, and i wanna hear everyone's opinion about it.

The new 3DS update 5.0.0-11 has the following changes:
-Nintendo eShop
It is now possible to perform Sleep Mode downloads of purchased titles even while Nintendo eShop is running. Further adjustments have been made to enhance the user's experience.
-Support for Save Data Transfer Tool
The Save Data Transfer Tool will be available for download from Nintendo eShop.
-System stability improvements and other adjustments
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user's experience.

"Save Data Transfer Tool" Is a tool to take the 3DS retail game save file and transfer it to the 3DS to be used by the digital copy respective (RE Revelations retail save file transfered to the eshop version).

Knowing that Capcom modified the eshop version of RE Mercenaries so we can have a new save file, don't you think they may be able to make the still non released eshop version of RE Revelations include all/some DLCs from the Unveiled Edition, like Hunk and Rachael and all we have to do is just download the eshop version and transfer our retail version save to the eshop one version?
The eshop version can be a modified version that can accept DLC content different of the Retail one.

In case people wanna know more about this Tool:

User Info: cybeastdemon05

4 years ago#2
it would have been nice to just use the tool to back up save files and write them to the cart when ever we please, since some of these carts have only 2 saves.

for instance i have kingdom hearts 3d and theres a certain boss before the final bosses id like to fight over and over in the hardest difficulty so i can't save over it to get the clear save game data o i would lose the ability to fight that boss and the other slot had a previous difficulty saved with everything maxed out and i dont want to get rid of that
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