Is there a ghostship conspiracy?

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User Info: fireemblemomega

4 years ago#11
Human-Bean posted...
fireemblemomega posted...
I've had a mix of low and high levels actually do the mission. I only break the medal first if I join a level 1 guy. Otherwise, it's lock n load time. Half the time I still wish I didn't bother, since that half the time I'm constantly told to take the lead and I end up slaughtering over half the enemies myself. Or the guy wants to go the LONG way.

Yeah it's disappointing when the higher leveled players do not help as much as they should. Do you mean going through the laboratory.

Yep, I'm guilty of breaking that first medal but I'll go back and play the entire level with them as well. I've had my connection drop too many times so I make sure I get the streetpass then do the mission. I've had too many incidents of getting to the end and having one of the following happen.

1. Connection terminated.
2. (It's been mostly Clive players) Ending the level before picking up the weapons and parts.
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