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User Info: shinigami_matt

6 years ago#1
Anyone wanna see Frollo "off" a Gypsy in DDD? That'd be hawt me thinks.

But seriously, had a random dream that got me thinking, where the Bells of Notredame were playing. Namine was kneeling in the middle of a church. For whatever reason, she was sobbing as a solitary beam of light covered her. From the shadows came Frollo. Namine turns as Frollo extends his hands in comfort with a smile.

Namine accepts it, but Frollo's smile is actually sinister, though she sees what she wants to see as kindness. Then I see Terra. Time skip(Cause dreams are weird like that). Must be a couple of years later because namine is tricked(or brainwashed I guess) by Frollo. It's Terra's job to stop him. Frollo practically brainwashed the whole city. Terra, meddling too much from being a Keybearer, gets hunted by everyone at Frollo's command.

Rambling done: So even though that wouldn't make sense, would anyone love it if villains took a more active role like that in KH? Everyone says how KH1 was the only one to do that, but I honestly don't see it other than Maleficent. I never felt it. It seemed more like the villains were just filler characters to give Sora something to beat up. Not like Xemnas or Xehanort where they had an actual helping in the plot.
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User Info: Franzy_VonKarma

6 years ago#2
"comes here expecting Hellfire"

"Is disappointed"

I object...for objection's sake!
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User Info: shinigami_matt

6 years ago#3
*Pictures Frollo singing Hell Fire about Namine*

Go then, there are other worlds than these. - The Gunslinger

User Info: SigmaSlash

6 years ago#4

From: shinigami_matt | #003
*Pictures Frollo singing Hell Fire about Namine*


Yes, hellfire is hot.
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User Info: DQ8dude

6 years ago#5
*ba dum DING*
Does anyone else find it funny that the sacred weapon of the forest is much less effective than smashing things over the head with a stick?
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User Info: Goombacrusher

6 years ago#7
"comes here expecting Hellfire"

"Is disappointed"


Here ya go

I'll take any excuse to post that greatness

User Info: Nobody_of_Sora

6 years ago#8

Ba dum tish!

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User Info: bladeofnintendo

6 years ago#9
I wonder how they'll make the boss battle work. Frollo's not exactly Hades, he's not a fighter. As much of a bastard as he is, beating up a defenseless old man isn't fun nor moral.(Hell yeah I just used the word 'nor' in a sentence.)
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User Info: StarRodMan128

6 years ago#10
^ I duuno, man. Frollo was pretty good at swinging that sword in the movie's finale.

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