Best postgame Dream Eater Team?

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User Info: rego84

5 years ago#1
When the game is finished, the tough bosses appear haha. I almost beat Wargoyle and got thrashed by Julius, but that's not really what this thread is about.

What do you think makes the best post-game team to fight all the hard bosses or defeat tough swarms in general? I'm really enjoying KH3D and don't want it to end, so I want to know what team you think is the best so I can try to make it!

So anyways, what dream eater team do you think is best postgame?

User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#2
search is your best friend.
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User Info: n00bygamer321

5 years ago#3
One of your 2 fighting slots should be Ryu Dragon for its stats and flight. The 3rd slot should be Frootz because of it's amazing support (hastefest)

As for the 2nd fighting slot, I guess you can pick from Aura Lion, Keeba Tiger, Skelterwild, Tyranto Rex, or Cera Terror. Not sure if one of them is considered better than the others.

User Info: PS3Dragon

5 years ago#4
Might need to change it up based on the fight. Like what element the bosses uses. Like doesn't wargoyle use fire? So fire screen would be good plus anything that enhances water or ice. Not sure which it's weak to.

Also, toximander would be good if your dealing with a boss that has status ailments. Thinking about it now would have been very helpful against Julius's Bad Breath ability.
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  3. Best postgame Dream Eater Team?

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