Spellican - Fantasia boss [Any tips on how to defeat it?]

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  3. Spellican - Fantasia boss [Any tips on how to defeat it?]

User Info: JHLFlyingElf

5 years ago#1
Does anyone have ANY tips on how to defeat Spellican? I keep losing to it! Am I using the wrong spirits or moves?

Yoggy Ram
Kooma Panda

HELP Please This is making me mad that I can't defeat this stupid Spellican!!!!
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User Info: kewldude475

5 years ago#2
Firaga, Sonic Blade, and Zero Gravira/ga are GREAT for this boss. Also, Shadow Breaker.

Firaga - Chest on the Tower Road in CotM

Sonic Blade - Chest in Mont St. Michel

Zero Gravira/ga - various Dream Eaters.

Shadow Breaker: R&R Seal I think.

User Info: Firemaster5

5 years ago#3
Are you able to dodge the attacks and catch up to him even? Pressing Y while sliding makes you slide faster.
When he is up on one of the higher platforms performing a Meteor-like spell, it's best to just stay under the platform to avoid damage from it.

I'm not sure if you get certain spells yet but maybe Ars Arcanum can help with the brooms and Faith or Salvation can help as it is an attack and means to heal Sora and the party. Maybe Sonic Blade instead of Ars Arcanum.

Dream Eaters that have Second Chance such as Aura Lion and Dream Eaters that have Once More such as Tyrant Rex or Drak Quack may help with survival otherwise dangerous blows.

Lots of Flowmotion and evading helps but stay by him also to prevent him from certain spells.

He has a Claymore (sword) like attack that has a lot of range. He'll get low and it will glow. Brace yourself and block as it's easy to block and counter

Ranging helps also whether it be raids or spells (homing).

You should be really careful with spoilers.
Revealing a bosses name in the title is risky. Even such names can be considered spoilers.
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User Info: kkTheKiller42

5 years ago#4
If it shoots stars, hide behind a wall or on a platform that won't get you hit.

Destroy the brooms IMMEDIATELY, thundaga spam everywhere.

Sonic Blade, Zero Graviga, Aerial Slam, etc are good as it works on him like a regular enemy.
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  3. Spellican - Fantasia boss [Any tips on how to defeat it?]

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