Thought about this today, Theory: Young Xehanort *series spoilers*

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  3. Thought about this today, Theory: Young Xehanort *series spoilers*

User Info: SupKaiokenSonic

5 years ago#1
Young Xehanort is Mysterious Figure...and here's why! (or, at least theory why)

It all began when Xehanort took over Terra's body. We see Xehanort's body disappear. Since he didn't become a heartless, it's safe to assume his body didn't become a Nobody.

So what happened to it??? I'll tell ya...

It went to sleep.

Now, in this "realm of sleep" so to speak, Xehanort is in his young form (similar to Sora/Riku).

But what's a guy to do stuck in this sleep? Why not do the same thing Sora and Riku are doing? Well, let's let Yen Sid put it simply:

(in case you can't see it) Yen Sid: "Opening the keyhole of sleep, along with finding a new power, the power locked in sleep will become revealed as well."

That's right, (Young) Xehanort has been training this entire time, and during this time he's developed some amazing abilities (and may have also harbored Vanitas within him).

Now why would this mean Young Xehanort is MF? Well...what happened to LoD? Aqua locked it away. But where?


Would it be possible that Young Xehanort visited this place in sleep, and yet his presence was strong enough to create a physical appearance in the actual area for a short period of time?

Ok i'm done. I clearly had some time on my hands today.
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User Info: Limen123

5 years ago#2
Doesn't explain how he has time-attributed attacks. Unless they were one of those "abilities" he gained.

Also, I'm pretty sure Castle Oblivion is just a rearranged LoD. Kinda like how Hollow Bastion is a rearranged Radiant Garden. They're the same world, so I don't think LoD can be in sleep.
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User Info: Hirokey123

5 years ago#3
Not a bad theory I had been wondering something like this myself earlier.

My idea start with perhaps that to enter sleep you have to enter it by leaving one of your dreams.

Sora and Riku had a shared dream of leaving the islands which I think may be why we had Sora and updated Riku in Destiny Islands. They had that dream though when they were young so that's the real reason their ages reverted, their subconscious is within their dream bodies. I was thinking maybe the keyhole of sleep when unlocked allows you to traverse dreams. So while your body sleeps outside you subconscious leaves your dream and then can traverse into the dreams of others. The dreams being the only way to get to interact with the worlds trapped in sleep.

We've already seen that without the heart the body&soul still have a sort of consciousness to it. It can feel pain and if in the rare case it has a strong enough leftover will in it, it can move about on its own with a clear mind.

So when MX's body vanished perhaps it to ended in sleep and it dreamed a dream, perhaps the dream spoken about in MX's reports when he was young lad opening a door to a new world. So his subconscious of his body would exist inside the younger dream version of himself, and when Vanitas's heart fell into sleep he took it within himself.

From this point I think perhaps the plan was to take Ven's heart in as well, regain the X-blade, and then with the merged heart his own he could take Ven's body as his vessel. Yet Ven's heart never became trapped in sleep, rather Ven went to sleep inside Sora.

Here is where it gets really farfetch'd, complete speculation/totally unlikely, and really fanfictiony ....

I think Xemnas knew of this plan for Ven and all along he's just been trying to stop it. Even if it meant doing unspeakable acts ( which given the fact he lacked a conscious, it's not like it matter) he do whatever it take to save Aqua and Ven. I think Xemnas may have wanted a heart not just for power but so he could break into the realm of darkness and find Aqua, because he knew Aqua can take him to Ven. Then he'd take Aqua out of the realm of darkness and together they'd awaken Ven. To this end Xemnas acted as a complete monster to reach his goals. Also knowing that Xigbar/Braig was on Master Xehanort's side he tried to hide his plans from him.

We were also told the keyblade can do a sort of passing of memories, we've never been told if it's optional or not but say it's not. Say if you grip a person's keyblade if they will it or perhaps if you have some secret keyblader skill you can read that person's memories. This mean Xehanort could access Xemnas's memories through the keyblade. So perhaps then Xemnas never summoned the keyblade in order to prevent Xehanort from knowing his plans.

Of course none of this means he's a hero of anything. It just means he's a villain with a noble goal but he used terrible and evil methods to try and reach that goal. Sort of like how Riku became Rikunort, taking a dark and seedy path to save his friends. Except unlike Xemnas/Terra, Riku never truly lost his heart. In KH1 he was at his most extreme in his methods but he got around that and afterwards he never tried to achieve his goal by evil methods ever again.
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User Info: seafoampheonix

5 years ago#4
Looks like we have another case of "Special nobody".
Maybe he needed Vanitas' heart to take the teenage form too.
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User Info: Shabugabugabuga

5 years ago#5
If this is true, then I say Young Xehanort's nickname should be Haxenort.

Because he's MF.
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User Info: SupKaiokenSonic

5 years ago#6
Another thought (since MF uses attacks similar to Vanitas and has clones which Xehanort can do) is that the MF fight takes place in the RoS.

I remember Yen Sid saying Ventus would be "look for a friend" between the realm of light and darkness. Maybe Ventus is wandering in the RoS through his memories, and Young Xehanort finds him there.

That way, the fight can be considered as "it actually happens."
"I've done everything you wanted me to do, so WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" - John Locke

User Info: AwesomeMario

5 years ago#7
It doesn't make any sense though because why would Aqua be in the realm of sleep? She fought MF too you know.
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