Anyone importing?

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User Info: washi95

5 years ago#1
Out of curisoity, is anyone with a Japanese 3DS importing DDD's Japanese version? I figured now would be a good time to ask seeing as how it comes out officially in about a day.

I've got my copy Pre-Ordered at Play-Asia, just waiting for them to ship it out now! :D
Just hoping it'll get here on Friday, rather than having to wait until Monday because there's no weekend post here.

User Info: SupKaiokenSonic

5 years ago#2
Do you HAVE to have a JP 3DS to play it?
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User Info: ZeroXLR8

5 years ago#3
Yes, 3DS is region locked :(
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User Info: washi95

5 years ago#4
Unforunately yes, due to region locking. :(

User Info: MizuMikomi

5 years ago#5
I pre-ordered sometime last week, along with a Japanese 3DS, just waiting for it to ship now. Hoping sometime soon, avoiding spoilers is a pain right now... especially with people already having the game. >_<

User Info: Blaze627

5 years ago#6
Pre-ordered it as soon as it went up on Play-Asia. Hopefully it ships tomorrow.
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User Info: washi95

5 years ago#7
Yeah, it is really hard avoiding spoilers until the game comes. >.<

I don't mind spoiling up to Traverse Town though while I'm waiting, and a couple of other thing things in text format, considering it's a lot better when you're playing it in-game, rather than just reading about it.

User Info: ZGCyberman65

5 years ago#8
Yes, I'm buying the 3DS bundle.

User Info: Pokemon5690

5 years ago#9
Yup. as of right now Play-asia has it set on preparing order.
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User Info: ShadowHunter035

5 years ago#10
Yep! Preparing order! Got a japanese 3ds knowing ill probably be importing paper mario and the pokemon games (that will come out eventually) when they come out
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