Rule #34 and this series

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User Info: PathlessBullet

5 years ago#1
Surrender your eyes to the darkness!

ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
"We have to keep it on page 3 or it freaks out."

User Info: ImmaCloudStrife

5 years ago#2
Haven't been to that site for a while. I should check the Pokemon pics again.
If you're reading this you kinda suck.

User Info: djmetal777

5 years ago#3
Yes boy thats it more more MORE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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User Info: ImmaCloudStrife

5 years ago#4
If you're reading this you kinda suck.

User Info: UzumakiTornado

5 years ago#5
I never check the KH section. Too much yaoi.

User Info: Trainalf

5 years ago#6
Life sucks, deal with it.

User Info: Yarott

5 years ago#7
You guys... let me point you out to Rule #63, the one rule used the most for all the female characters in the series. And yes... that includes the Queen of Hearts, ugh...
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User Info: Rhekautsu

5 years ago#8
I rule 34 only when Aqua is involved. :}

User Info: MulderYuffie

5 years ago#9
rule 34 has some nice Luxord pics mainly the chair and bed pics

User Info: FuzzyJello

5 years ago#10
Is such a yaoi pit that even Aqua didn't change anything.

Well, less mental trauma (intentional or otherwise) is never a bad thing.
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