Ways to get brilliant fantasy?

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User Info: CI254

5 years ago#21
Is there a safe and reliable way to actually kill them off? It's taking forever for my Kab to get killed, and I'm taking too much damage from enemies waiting for it to happen. And if I try to heal myself, my Kab gets healed too...

I have not beaten the game yet so going into one of these boss portals isn't an option right now.
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User Info: perrycox42

5 years ago#22
Switch your reserve spirit in for your Kab, heal, switch back

User Info: CI254

5 years ago#23
Awesome, thanks. Got my Ryu Dragon :D
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User Info: DarcKage

5 years ago#24
Which other Fantasies do you need along with the Brilliant ones to get certain ranks?
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User Info: UchihaRX25

5 years ago#25
Quick advice; should I just kill my kab right after I get salvation from him then? I ask cause he will only be level 20 and I just beat the boss of Norte Dam with both Riku and Sora. I gues what I'm asking is of it would be beneficial for me to start getting brilliant fantasies right now this early in the game, or if there's something else on the ability board I should wait for before I start killing my Kab? Thanks for the help
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User Info: Hikasu

5 years ago#26
Wait just one moment here...how does killing your own dream eater get you these pieces to make new spirits?

User Info: Crabhammar

5 years ago#27
They die and drop it IIRC.
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User Info: saixlover

5 years ago#28
what do u mean special portal 6 where exactly is special portal 6
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User Info: shadow_fan1

5 years ago#29
The Special portal in TWTNW wich shows a Tyranto Rex dream eater for Riku in the forecast always gave me Brilliant fantasies without completing the special objective.

Also, I got my Ryu Dragon to star rank by using 6 Brilliant fantasies and 9 Lofty fantasies.
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User Info: Raltrios

5 years ago#30
It also looks like 6 Brilliant Fantasies (Kab Cannon) and 4 Prickly Fantasies (R&R Seal) will make an A-rank Ryu Dragon, so now I just need to wait for Risky winds and I should have my star-ranked Ryu.
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