Malleable Fantasy.

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User Info: TerrFury

5 years ago#1
Where do i get them.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

5 years ago#2
special portals
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User Info: dozingdevil

5 years ago#3

sick of posting this link hey.
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User Info: Mikey_R

5 years ago#4
Special Portals in Traverse Town and La Cite Des Cloches. That's where I know they are guaranteed anyway.

User Info: raikou68

5 years ago#5
If you can find the special portal containing flowbermeow he drops it, i just got it from him just now. Said portal is in Traverse town with riku btw
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User Info: dozingdevil

5 years ago#6
i realise i posted the wrong link

rofl my bad.

i got some prickly's from pranksters and musketeers
F-L-A...Got it memorized?

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