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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

4 years ago#21
From: KMAnsem | #019
Granted, he seems so invested in Sora's suffering that he probably wasn't a super great guy beforehand, either, but still.

But yeah this is my point. He's already clearly a messed up guy before any temptation.
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#22
He seems a lot like Riku in that he was a guy that could lean to good or evil easy it just depends who he meets first. In this case they both met Ansem first and were set down a path of evil by him though neither were all that great as people.

Riku was selfish and cold he kidnapped repeatedly innocent girls and sided with evil people for personal gain. After a bit of frustration and feeling inferior to Sora he tried on multiple occasions to beat Sora. He really only gave a care about Sora and Kairi, everyone else he didn't know and wasn't friends with so his motto was "why should I care".

Xehanort is very much the same way to him Sora is just some random kid that will cause him repeated grief down the line. Honestly the fact he knows Sora is going to kill him multiple times probably influenced it as well. He already knows Sora is going to ruin him again and again, so it's only naturally he already have quite a bit of malice towards Sora when they finally meet. But in the end Sora is just one more person who gets to have the honor of becoming one of his new vessels. Also why should he view turning into himself as something horrible, that be like saying you hate yourself. It also means longer life for him as well.

Honestly they are both incredibly alike the only difference is Riku turned good of his own free will while Xehanort got his mind wiped making him forget he ever turned evil. The memories remained and eventually those forgotten memories lead him down his path.

I wonder if Riku would have turned out the same if he had Namine seal away his memories and darkness.
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