Rate the Keyblade Day 40- Ultima Weapon (KH2)

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User Info: Akanesasusora

4 years ago#1
What would you rate the Ultima weapon? - Results (45 votes)
1 (Worst)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
2.22% (1 votes)
5 (Standard)
4.44% (2 votes)
2.22% (1 votes)
2.22% (1 votes)
6.67% (3 votes)
37.78% (17 votes)
10 (Perfect)
44.44% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Day 40.

Here's a link to info for the Keyblade.

Day 1- Kingdom Key- 8.05 Rating
Day 2- Jungle King- 6.04 Rating
Day 3- Three Wishes- 5.50 Rating
Day 4- Crabclaw- 4.70 Rating
Day 5- Pumpkinhead- 6.50 Rating
Day 6- Fairy Harp- 5.00 Rating
Day 7- Wishing Star- 4.82 Rating
Day 8- Spellbinder- 6.83 Rating
Day 9- Metal Chocobo- 6.93 Rating
Day 10- Olympia- 6.86 Rating
Day 11- Lionheart- 7.93 Rating
Day 12- Lady Luck- 6.83 Rating
Day 13- Divine Rose- 7.19 Rating
Day 14- Oathkeeper- 9.26 Rating
Day 15- Oblivion- 8.52 Rating
Day 16- Ultima Weapon- 9.15 Rating
Day 17- Diamond Dust- 6.86 Rating
Day 18- One-Winged Angel- 6.86 Rating

Day 19- Kingdom Key- 8.05 Rating
Day 20- Oathkeeper- 9.00 Rating
Day 21- Oblivion- 8.43 Rating
Day 22- Star Seeker- 7.08 Rating
Day 23- Hidden Dragon- 5.16 Rating
Day 24- Hero's Crest- 5.59 Rating
Day 25- Monochrome- 5.22 Rating
Day 26- Follow The Wind- 5.14 Rating
Day 27- Circle of Life- 6.76 Rating
Day 28- Photon Debugger- 5.00 Rating
Day 29- Gullwing- 6.79 Rating
Day 30- Rumbling Rose- 7.06 Rating
Day 31- Guardian Soul- 7.35 Rating
Day 32- Wishing Lamp- 6.47 Rating
Day 33- Decisive Pumpkin- 8.63 Rating
Day 34- Sweet Memories- 6.67 Rating
Day 35- Mysterious Abyss- 3.47 Rating
Day 36- Sleeping Lion- 6.77 Rating
Day 37- Bond of Flame- 7.59 Rating
Day 38- Fatal Crest- 7.63 Rating
Day 39- Fenrir- 7.96 Rating

User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

4 years ago#2
May the odds be ever in your favor

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#3
6/10 for KH2, 2/10 for FM2. So, 4.

Looks okay, but I'd normally rather do more damage than recharge MP faster. And in FM2 its effect gets drowned out by all the other MP Hastes in the game (~3sec shorter MP Charge instead of vanilla's 15sec)

User Info: Xeylir

4 years ago#4
9/10. I always preferred Hastega over Negative Combo.

The design is inferior to KHI's, though (in my opinion of course), and the description is a bit Engrishy, which always bothered me more than it should.
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User Info: Keyblade9000

4 years ago#5
Its MP Hastaga ability made it worth all the effort it took to make it.
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User Info: kittygomeeow

4 years ago#6
9/10 based just off of looks. If I wanna kick ass I can do it with lots of other keyblades, but I have to do it in style!

User Info: xylophone2

4 years ago#7
10. I always liked KH2's Ultima Weapon design best out of the entire series. Blue and gold are just such great colors to see spinning around. MP Hastega is an excellent ability that just gives me more reason to use it.
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User Info: KMAnsem

4 years ago#8
Best Ultima.
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User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#9
KMAnsem posted...
Best Ultima.

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User Info: JerichoDarkstar

4 years ago#10
KMAnsem posted...
Best Ultima.

It ties with BBS's Ultima with me, but yes. KH2 Ultima rocks.
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