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User Info: DesmondDHume

6 years ago#1

hope someone can help me. Got my 3DS today, tried Nintendogs&Cats now, which I got last week as a review sample without a manual. Seems my boss tried it before, because there is already a dog.

How can I clear the save state?

User Info: Kirby12

6 years ago#2
In the last game, if you pressed L, R, Start, and Select before the main game booted, it would ask if you'd like to clear all save data.

User Info: Rush_Hour_3_ftw

6 years ago#3
I'm sure it's somewhere in the manual.
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User Info: DesmondDHume

6 years ago#4
Thx, swordman2, but it doesn't work.

I hope so, that it is in the manual, maybe someone got the game already and can take a look?
I see that the 3DS and the games come out on 3/27 in the US, maybe there's someone reading from europe, too.

User Info: DesmondDHume

6 years ago#5
Foud it on an other site.

It actually is L+R+A+B+X+Y

User Info: Cyncro

6 years ago#6
is this confirmed? ^^

User Info: TamerWoody22

6 years ago#7
At title screen, press and hold down A + B + X + Y . Just read it. :)
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