How to get dog to howl! Works so well!:)

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User Info: Surprise19

6 years ago#1
I was looking on here to get my dog to howl and saw that people tried to play clips online of whistling.

I found this site:
and used the DOG WHISTLE one, just to see if I could here it and my dog on my open nintendo 3ds on my bed started howling INSTANTLY.:)
It should work for you too!

User Info: katysu

6 years ago#2
Does it really work?
I know I should try.
I've "listiened" and of course it is silent, as dog whistles are silent to human ears.

But the dog ingame, isn't a dog, but a computer program developed by and for use by, humans. Hence my doubt.

User Info: ericaneedssleep

6 years ago#3

well first of all I could hear it. and it was loud as **** and continued to get louder. and my ds was right next to my computer and my dog didn't howl, even my real dog didn't do anything.

User Info: Thrippa

6 years ago#4
Horrible sound, that; my mom asked me to turn it off. Neither the live dog nor the virtual one so much as twitched an ear.
(message deleted)

User Info: katysu

6 years ago#6
Deleted my post hours later as I came back and realised it could offend
- certainly was totally unintentional but text you know, is a very funny medium to communicate in, so many pitfalls.
What I said made me laugh, but might not others.

Suffice to say I tried the site again and could get nothing but silence out of the dog whistle sound, so I'm puzzled.
I wouldn't have thought a real dog whistle would work, a toy whistle might, but I have no problem with whistling so hopefully when I come to it (If I ever do) I'll make my dog howl.

User Info: Thrippa

6 years ago#7
It's official; Eve is just stubborn - or maybe tone deaf. I got Rhett's Howl option to come up, called him over, nerved myself to try endless times to no avail, and whistled at him - immediately he threw back his head and howled. Speak command. Okay, but I did get Eve to do it, once. I whistled again - Rhett howled. (Speak command.) I whistled a third time - Rhett howled. Speak command - name trick - trick learned. So my second dog now knows all the commands, while my first puppy won't howl for love nor treats. And certainly not for whistles. Sigh.

User Info: katysu

6 years ago#8
Never you mind Eve, don't take any notice of show-off Rhett; think about it tomorrow.

User Info: InsanitySmiles

6 years ago#9
I got my dog to howl at a youtube video. I held it pretty close to my laptop speakers.
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  3. How to get dog to howl! Works so well!:)

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