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User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#1
I attempted translating what is currently on the website:


The Sekaiju no Meikyuu series' newest game makes it entry on the Nintendo 3DS!

Its first game released in 2007, the Sekaiju series has built an interesting gameplay and a peculiar style of progressing in the dungeon while drawing maps. Its fourth game will make its entry on the Nintendo 3DS.

One forms one's very own party from unique jobs drawn by Himukai Yuuji to conquer the labyrinth. One can enjoy the gameplay that is like having stepped into the game's world by drawing maps with the touch pen and relying on them to progress while exploring.

Various monsters make their appearance inside the labyrinth and among them are also ones who possess overwhelming strength.

The labyrinth is complex and many gimmicks have been set. Let's mark them with the touch pen and create our very own complete maps!


To the faraway World Tree that awaits you

The city at the farthest ends, Tharsis. In untrodden lands far away from that city had stood a giant tree called the World Tree. A story has been handed down about something sleeping in the World Tree since long ago that invites people into eternal paradise. To verify the authenticity of that legend, the lord who governs the city has at some time sent out the following notice to the entire continent.

Come to the World Tree and find out its truth!

The notice that spread like the wind drew in a great number of adventurers to the city. You too, carrying an insatiable curiosity in your heart, are another one of the adventurers visiting the city. You have only one purpose: solving the truth of the World Tree and obtaining wealth and prestige! Go, begin your adventure!


Ride the balloon ship and explore the vast world!

This time, exploration the skies and the land becomes possible and the world greatly expands. Let's go around the sky riding the balloon ship and venture various lands of varying sceneries.

After discovering the labyrinths scattered throughout the lands and obtaining a valuable item, an important event connected to the story will be encountered.

As it is also possible to draw maps for the lands like it is for the labyrinth, if you think there's a dangerous location, filling in that obtained information is also a way to do it.

The forces of nature distinctive of the sky assail the adventurers!

Having worked on background art such as Studio Ghibli works, Mr. Yamamoto Nizou is a new addition to the background art staff!

Yamamoto Nizou Profile

Representative works
"Laputa: Castle in the Sky" art director
"Princess Mononoke" art director
"Grave of the Fireflies" art director

Born June 27, 1953, in Gotou, Nagasaki (formerly Fuzue). Good at drawing since childhood, he studied architecture and painting after graduating from middle school and worked at an art studio while attending art school.

After that, he took part in numerous masterpieces, such as the TV animation "Future Boy Conan" (1978), when he served as art director for his first time, and later, "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" (1986), "Grave of the Fireflies" (1988), and "Princess Mononoke" (1997).


To a new "Sekaiju sound"

Mr. Koshiro Yuuzou, who has been bearing the responsibility of the music in the "Sekaiju no Meikyuu" series, continues to be in charge of the sound! This time incorporating live musical performance with instruments, the sound quality will be greatly enhanced. The Sekaiju sound with increased scale[?] will also be a charm of this game.

BGM has been set up on the upper right of the official site, so let's try listening to it!

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#2

The leader who leads the party

The iron wall fortification that protects allies

Supports party by dancing

Night Seeker
Weakens and finishes off opponents

Rune Master
Expert of elemental attacks

Snipes even distant enemies

Recovery specialist


Let's make full use of the system and explore the labyrinth!

Explanations about the systems that will be the keys to completing the game.
What new systems will there be... and what will become of the already familiar systems...? Subsequent updates on monsters, the lands and labyrinth, the battle system, and character creation are to be expected!


From the beginners the advanced players, anyone can enjoy themselves!
There is a "Casual Mode" that puts at ease even first-timers!

This time, there is a "Casual Mode" of difficulty easier than normal for players who play the series for the first time and players who wish to enjoy themselves amidst the labyrinth exploration and mapmaking.

From people who wish to smoothly advance to people who wish to carefully play in tough battles, it has become possible to enjoy oneself in either playstyle.

Switching with the difficulty suited to the series, "Normal Mode", is possible at any time!

Please select the preferred difficulty.
Hear explanation]

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#3
2012.03.05 update


The monsters that have turned into 3D are rampaging about!

The monsters that appear have all been turned into 3D models. Movement is added to the monsters depicted by Nagasawa Shin and the battles brimming more than ever with liveliness evolve. Furthermore, the particularly dangerous monsters roaming inside the labyrinth that are called F.O.E (Field on enemy) will also be seen in that manner. Thus, thrills of exploration such as using the F.O.E's movements and behavior to avoid combat have further increased.

There can be cases of F.O.E rushing in upon detecting adventurers. Whether to fight or run will be up to the player!

An F.O.E in the middle of consuming its meal. It seems it has yet to notice the player.

New monsters make their entry one after the other too!

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#4
2012.03.19 update


The Captain Who Leads the Party

A swordsman who specializes in close-ranged attacks with swords and rapiers. They can raise the morale of the party by charging into the enemy first.

Main skills
[Swordsman's Knowledge] By leading the charge, the attack power and accuracy of following allies increase
[Link Flame] An attack that, when followed up on, has [a?] flame elemental link[s?] occur[s]
[Double Strike] A consecutive attack by a repeated slash with a sword or a double thrust with a rapier
[Vanguard] Abandon defense and become the first to charge into the enemy lines
[Power Break] An attack that strikes with a shield and reduces physical attack power


F.O.E Inhabiting the Lands

Formidable F.O.E inhabit the lands too. Among them are also ones who prevent intrusion into the labyrinth.

As you watch with caution, the monster started preying on the nearby giant sheep!]
There are shocking scenes of F.O.E preying on other F.O.E too. What does an ecosystem like this have to do with the adventure?

The Two Types of Labyrinths Existing in the Lands

Labyrinths related to the story
"Labyrinths" are the dungeons to be conquered at the request of the lord of Tharsis as the story advances. These dungeons are to be conquered and the World Tree, the destination, to be set eyes on.

The dungeons are divided into strata and the monsters become stronger the deeper one goes. Landing and escaping are done with the balloon ship.

Mini-Labyrinths wherein sleep valuable items
"Mini-labyrinths" are dungeons where distinctive gimmicks are aplenty. Valuable items that are unobtainable elsewhere are hidden inside them. If one is struggling with the conquest of the "labyrinths", it might be a good idea to try visiting these places.

In the mini-labyrinth, the "Garden of the Man-Eating Moth", many F.O.E live there and if negligence is shown, they might attack all at once!?

User Info: phalnx

5 years ago#5
Thanks for the translations, guess they're going to introduce a class per week...

User Info: F_Rein

5 years ago#6
Thank you for translating, definitely watching this thread now.

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#7
2012.03.26 update


The Healing Specialist

A medic who can treat the wounds of fellow members with medicine. They are knowledgeable of the structures of organisms and their attacks using maces and staves can inflict various effects on the enemy.

Main skills
[Medic's Knowledge] Due to the knowledge of a medic, the amount of the party's HP recovery increases
[Healing] Recovers an ally's HP by medical arts
[Intensive Care] During a certain amount of time, increases the effectiveness of HP recovery
[Heavy Strike] An attack that bashes and stuns an enemy by using the weight of a blunt weapon
[Post-Battle Treatment] After battle, recovers every ally's HP


The City at the Farthest Ends, Tharsis

In Tharsis, various adventurers have gathered to find out the truth of the World Tree. The player is one of them. Let's make preparations in town for the adventure to aim for the World Tree.

Perform a balloon ship operation

Take off in the balloon ship
Start the labyrinth exploration
Return to the city]

Let's board the balloon ship from the city gates and depart to untrodden lands.

"Since preparations are ready, you can take off as soon as you finish the registration. So, what kind of name are you all going to give this guy?"]

In the city are also facilities related to the balloon ship.

Other facilities will be introduced from now on!

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#8
2012.04.02 update


The Iron Wall Fortress That Protects Allies

A heavily armed knight who defends the fort. A class that becomes the party's shield with their iron defense. Their attack power with a mace also high, they are able not only to protect but also to switch to the offensive.

Main skills
[Fortress's Knowledge] When standing on the front lines, TP recovers by receiving enemy attacks
[Provoke] Draw the enemy's attention and become the party's shield
[Divide Guard] Cover a single ally and receive damage in their stead
[Line Divide] Cover a whole row of allies and receive damage in their stead
[Revenge Smite] An attack whose power rises as attacks are received

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#9
Poll options:

I'll be challenging it for the first time
I've been waiting for this!
All ready!

I'm looking forward to mapping
I'm interested in the labyrinth exploration!
The time to destroy everything has come once again

Aim for the World Tree!
It's definitely a side trip
If anything, this side trip is the main story

I want to fly around in the sky
I want the explore the lands
Just ram into the tornado

It's so beautiful
More background art!
There's no mistaking those "Nizou clouds"!

Faster with the new BGM!
Isn't live sound great!
In heavy rotation

I want one in my party
Swords really are great
Don't worry about something like gender!

I want one in my party
I want to be healed

I want one in my party
I love tanks
I want to protect them

It looks like I'll be able to take it easy
I'll finally be able to recommend it to friends
This is unnecessary for my grandmother

I want to tease them
You inhale sharply at what you find...!

I'll start from the mini-labyrinths first
I'll deeply conquer the labyrinths
I'll lead a life solely of gathering

I'm in their debt
It looks comfortable
I want to move into there

That was worth seeing!
I probably easily watched it 10 times
This monster's moving!

User Info: SielCiel

5 years ago#10
2012.04.09 update


Sniping Even Distant Enemies

A sniper who snipes enemies from a long distance by using a bow. Excelling at accurately shooting the enemies' vitals, they are able to seal each body part with attacks aimed at those parts.

Main skills
[Sniper's Knowledge] Bow skills may become critical hits at a certain probability and damage is increased when critical
[Lock On] During a certain number of turns, increase one's own critical rate
[Leg Snipe] A sure-fire attack aimed at the legs of a single enemy. A leg seal effect may activate at a fixed probability
[Full Metal Arrow] An attack with a strong arrow made of steel that pierces through two enemies on the front and back
[Flank Shot] Move around to the enemy's flank and pierce one row of enemies all at once


Monsters Also Appear in Formations!

Monsters will attack while forming front and back rows in the same way as adventurers. By adding many attack variations such as piercing a single row or the front and back and attack ranges, battles have become enjoyable even more deeply.

Know the positions of the enemy and aim for even more damage.

The Sniper's skill "Full Metal Arrow" is an attack that pierces 2 enemies on the front and back.

The Runemaster's skill "Rune Art of Fireball" is an attack that spreads to both sides from a single enemy.


The Skills Shared by the Party, "Burst"

In addition to the skills each character possesses exist skills called "Burst". By expending the required amount from a gauge, a skill can be activated.

Burst Skills are hidden inside the labyrinths and they can be learned from books that are obtained by proceeding with the adventure. Burst Skills and their costs are shared by the party. Set skills of your liking from the Bursts you've obtained and challenge the battles.

"Full Force Escape"
May escape from battle at a high probability and return to the path one came from

"Double Slash"
Unleash a sure-fire attack twice on a single enemy

"Attack Order"
During this turn, raise damage inflicted by all allies

Fill the Burst Gauge on the right of the screen. The gauge builds up each time an action is performed in battle.

As there are many powerful Burst Skills, use them to deal with difficult enemies.

[screenshot 1:
Holy Gift
Lightning Flash
Black Fog
Attack Order
Defense Order
Ice Coffin

Lightning Flash / Cost: 2 / Support skill
During this turn, greatly raise the action speed of all allies]

[screenshot 2:
Ezel used Fierce Star Art!]

[screenshot 3:
Rapid used Flame Wall!]

Poll options:

I want one in my party
Seals are what Sekaiju is all about!

I want to see in 3D
It looks like there'll be strategy
Even though they're monsters...

I want to see the other skills
I feel the solidarity of the party
Let's start off with Full Force Escape

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