Stuck on lush woods B1F

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User Info: blorbs

4 years ago#1
I've played Etrian Odyssey 1 & 3, but I can't get past Lush Woods B1F this time. I feel so bad haha

Basically I got the Cutter to cut the fallen trees in the left part of the map; however, there's one tree blocking a path on the right side of the map (square D-5). I can see a Cutter behind it but it doesn't react to my presence. What am I supposed to do?

User Info: Zaishi

4 years ago#2
Go around the other way.

User Info: blorbs

4 years ago#3
Ya I missed the path that was right next to the door on square C-5. I had drawn a wall there on my map so I never saw that path even though I walked right next to it several times...

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