Bow Landshark

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User Info: lilmagex18

4 years ago#1
My Front row is usually full.. I was wondering how viable a bow landshark would be if i was only really aiming for link skills. Something on the line of Bushi,Imperial,Dancer on the front and Arcanist,Landshark(bow) on the back.

Sense i cant really fully benefit getting max links with imperial/bushi/arcanist w/o a dancer who is marginally useless in the backrow. I know he'd be weak for random encounters but how about bosses/FOE?

User Info: Clarste

4 years ago#2
Link is a sword/rapier skill. You can't use it with a bow. You can equip both weapons, but I don't think that lets it be ranged rather than melee. Actually, I'm not sure if the link procs themselves care though.

Dancers are great in the back row though. Depends on what you're using them for I guess.
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User Info: TimeMage2

4 years ago#3
The inks require him to be a equipped with a sword or rapier. I guess you could equip a sword and a bow.

User Info: lilmagex18

4 years ago#4
Ah that sucks. Thanks for the quick reply!

User Info: Natbuk

4 years ago#5
You could equip a sword and a bow, but it would use the sword for the link attack, which would take the back-row penalty. The link damage is based off of the damage of the original attack, so it'd be equally weak.

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