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User Info: itsmeray

4 years ago#1
I'm thinking of subclassing with either a Dancer or Land.

If I go dancer, what skill should I invest dance or speed up?

If I go Land, would the defensive skills be redundant?

User Info: zeik56

4 years ago#2
Either of those work. For the Dancer, Fan Dance or Speed Boost (not both, they conflict), Quick Step, and maybe Burst Saver are probably the most useful.

For the Land, Sword Breaker is worthwhile. As far as I've heard Iron Wall does not stack if you have it on a main and sub. (Sub takes priority.)
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User Info: ThatSageGuy

4 years ago#3
I'd go with dancer and take fan dance, quick step and regen waltz, and at least 1 into burst saver.
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User Info: playingforfun

4 years ago#4
So the Fort subs I have seen the most and what I like about them.

Landy: Power and Mind Break, Swordbreaker and an Attack Boost if you want it.

Dancer: Fan Dance of course. Burst saver and quick step are good. I love the Refresh and Freedom dances. They dramatically shift so many annoying and difficult fights to your advantage.

Medic: Fort can pick up Patch Up to save your Arc/Medic some points (my Arc/Medic is always low on points it seems). Also another source of Revive and Auto-Revive is great. Plus can take the status cleaners and with the Fort passive that cuts status time (maxed out Binds and Status pretty much never stick) Fort/Medic can be a great cleanser.

User Info: danmiy12

4 years ago#5
as a dancer the heal dance tree and speed boost you save your team from many binds and negative stats that way...also regen waltz makes the front line more unkillable if you have the space left in your buff slots...speed boost and fan dance are bugged so pick one or the other...

as a landsknect, after setting up strike guard and taunt you can use mind break/power break to weaken enemies attack <good thing is it doesnt use a buff slot it adds a debuff to the enemy so it should stick> swordbreaker is awesome too making his line even more unkillable it procs pretty often...the dualwielding for defense eh...not really good...
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User Info: Azamoth

4 years ago#6
Couldn't you use the counter dance with party/line guard? Technically they are hitting the character in the row with the effect on it. Could prove to be useful, I imagine.

User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#7
for the shorter term i went with medic, because its awesome having someone with great defense who can also revive and get back tp. Its probably not great for end game, but hey, rest only costs 2 levels.

User Info: Arrawnt

4 years ago#8
Attack Tango on dancer sub needs more love, 130% physical damage to your front row for 3 turns and only takes a buff slot on the Fortress.

Echoing Fan Dance and Quick Step. With Fan Dance and the Guard Mastery maxed it's pretty common to see a string of 5 hits completely miss during a Party Shield.

User Info: Bunnywunny

4 years ago#9
i prefer fan dance and the waltz line.
being able to remove ailments/binds from a whole row is super useful and extra party healing is never not nice to have.

then fan dance + shield mastery is like untouchable fortress and works with the party shield skills and you still get the free tp when you dodge
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User Info: itsmeray

4 years ago#10
How does Quick Step work?

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