Conditional drop setup

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User Info: dearestnight

3 years ago#1
Just got EO4 and the first thing on my mind was how it took my indecisive self about a whole day just to decide who to run (only to change it the next day, obviously :-/ ), so this time I decided to limit myself with a deciding factor.

I'm currently working it out on the skill calc and figured some suggestions couldn't hurt, so....what suggestions might you have for a team capable of getting all conditional drops or at the very least most of them? Barring the always present near-impossible form required ones of course. I'm sure a few different setups would work with how complex the series is. All I ask is that if possible it contain an Arcanist main. I can't help it, I'm an avid lover of ailments in rpgs. xD

User Info: ThatSageGuy

3 years ago#2
It doesn't really matter, just use whatever party set up you want. You can always bring in another character to get certain drops. Or you could just use a formaldehyde to guarantee getting all items from all monsters present.

Formaldehyde are rare until end game, where you can fight the sheep foe in the 6th stratum to get more of them.
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User Info: virtual_maniac

3 years ago#3

Since no conditionals rely on Pierce, no need to bring a sniper (or get Rapiers). Landshark covers bash damage while Nightseeker covers cut + ailments. R picks 2 elements (Fire and Ice) and gets the attacks in them. Fortress and Medic for party survival, extra bashers, and the 3rd element (Lightning Bash is a Fortress skill and an early accessory gives it so the Medic can use it).

Don't get your A until after subclassing unlocks. Once you get it, retire the M into an A/N. Now Rest the N into its damage skills (Assassinate, Shadow Bite, Swift Edge, and Follow Trace).

Optionally: Pick up the 3rd element with the R if you want to drop the Lighting Bash accessory.

Chaosmaster00 posted...
[Blade Flurry for] double-attacking, and the ailment Throws the Arc lacks in its main skills, like Curse and [Sand Throw for] Blind, and Death if you pick up Assassinate. That means your sub is less skill-intensive, and you can go all out with your Arcanist main skills, which is a huge bonus for them! Then you slap on two weapons with as many open forge slots as possible, stick as many different kinds of binds as you can, and the Petrify and Stun forges, and you can literally be able to proc every ailment and bind in the game with just the A/N. :P

And that gives you coverage on the conditionals.

The party after this should be:


The N and R want the Bushi subclass (unlocked by beating 3rd Labyrinth).

Boss killing is Blood Surge, Vanguard, and then stall until the A/N to lands a non-sleep ailment. Then Star Drop -> Swift Edge until dead, or close to dead at which point: Conditional Req.

Other options: The L can meet the Element Kill conditions through its Links. The problem is judging the damage of Link attack + Ally attack + Chase to kill the target with the Initial attack or Chase.
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User Info: dearestnight

3 years ago#4
Very detailed, thank you. Highly appreciated. :D

User Info: mynameisrocket

3 years ago#5
dearestnight posted...
Very detailed, thank you. Highly appreciated. :D

You might as well wait until you are in the 6th stratum makes formaldehyde available, since you need a component that drops from regular 6th stratum monsters to make the gear that comes from boss conditional drops. This ain't the case for FOEs (or at least, most FOEs?).

It'll save you a lot of trouble. Unless you want to get the conditionals the old fashioned way.

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