Reverse Proposal

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User Info: Seirafox

6 years ago#1
(sorry if i spelled Proposal wrong, dont thing i did)
Well i've been doing some research on Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns.
It seems lots of people wouldn't mind if the bachelorettes had a reverse proposal
What do YOU guys think?
Feel free to comment ^_^ XD

Can't wait til the game comes out! So excited!
Getting normal version cuz 3D isnt worth an extra 10 bucks
Cute Alpaca....
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User Info: Lirishae

6 years ago#2
Do you mean, having the girls propose marriage instead of you proposing to them? Like if you max their hearts and wait around long enough? I don't see why not xD If you're playing a female, that's always how it is anyway. Male or female, it'd probably make for a cute scene XD

From a gameplay standpoint though, how would you deal with unwanted marriage proposals? Turning them down would have to result in a significant affection hit; it doesn't make sense otherwise. But since a lot of people will raise affection with several candidates before making a final selection, that could quickly become frustrating.
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User Info: ZolanderShadow

6 years ago#3
One way of giving the players a choice about proposing or getting proposed to would be to have an alternate heart event for the reverse proposal. So each bachelorette would have two red heart events one being the normal one where you propose and they other would make it so they girl would propose to you.
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User Info: CyanicKnight

6 years ago#4
So with this, they could get the blue feather and I can be farming? Nice idea, but why are all the girls I want to marry AREN'T bachelorettes?! >_> Oh well, I'll be playing anyways, I always get into Harvest Moon except Wonderful Life. Those bachelors bugged me, especially Rock...

User Info: Lirishae

6 years ago#5
It's probably a culture thing ^_^; I'm generalizing here based on my own experiences, but in Japan, attractive = cute, and cute = young. A woman in her late 20s is considered an old hag by some standards, and thus unappealing as a bridal prospect. But in the West the opposite is true; gamers are on average in their mid to late twenties, and tend to prefer characters mentally and physically close to that age. I doubt the developers will take that into account any time soon, though :<
"There is nothing sad about being of a fragile race." -Diana, Legend of Mana

User Info: LightHawKnight

6 years ago#6
Hey you spelled reverse right! I can't believe how many topics have that word somehow misspelled as a topic title on UNoT.
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User Info: Unicorn_Fire

6 years ago#7
I'm a little old-fashioned, so my mind jumped to "no", but honestly, I'd like it to vary from girl to girl. I can't see a shy or ladylike bachelorette (e.g Maria, Sabrina, or, from this game, Nana) taking the initiative, but a more strong, tomboyish girl would.

In fact, this is already present on the bachelor side of the things. The shyer bachelors need you to propose to them, the less shy ones don't. Although, I wouldn't mind ALL of them having reverse proposal... >>
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User Info: mforeback

5 years ago#8
If you are playing as the female character, three of the bachelors can reverse propose to you! Ash, Hiro, and Kana all can reverse propose. To trigger this, the guy must be at maximum friendship level (65,000 FP). Ask him on a date, and choose a preferred location. After the usual date dialog, you will be transported to the Harvest Goddess Spring, where he will propose. If you accept, the wedding is a week later. If you reject, you lose 15,000 FP.

Again, this is only possible playing as a female, and the only ones who do this are Ash, Hiro, and Kana.

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