Upgrading tools?

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User Info: baby_girl_8756

5 years ago#1
Please help! I'm in winter year 1 and still haven't figured this out!

User Info: Esperman

5 years ago#2
It's done via the request board where Sheng will post a blue request post and you go to him to choose which tools you want to upgrade... Note that only three tools are upgradable in this game... The watering can, the sickle, and the hoe... The hammer and axe are not upgradeable in this game... You have to befriend Sheng just a little to upgrade them for each level... I think the first one is 3100 FP, but that's still only one flower... Also, note that this will count as Sheng's upgrade for the month, so that you'll only be able to upgrade one tool per season...

But yeah, you upgrade your tools through the request board and Sheng will post a blue upgrade post on the request board to let you know that he's willing to upgrade your tools... I believe he should come by your house (Regardless of which town you live in currently...) and tell you about upgrading your tools before he posts the first upgrade request... (Well, it's on the first day of the season and he tells you that the request is up...) He tells you everything you need to upgrade a certain tool, but for the first two upgrades (For each tool...), all you need is the tool and money...
You know its odd... I really can't get the phrase "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu-sen Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki" out of my head... Maybe its just me... :(

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