The original 'Devil Summoner' on the PSP.

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User Info: Venustraphobia

5 years ago#1
Has anyone ever had a chance to play this game? Both the Sega Saturn version and the PSP version never made it here.

Here's some gameplay of the PSP version, if anyone's interested in what the combat looks like.

User Info: Brodie_Gorgo

5 years ago#2
In fact it looks very similar to Soul Hackers.

I think cj_Iwakura said it was not a good game actually, but it's a shame we'll never be able to play it. Unless Soul Hackers is tremendously successful, not a chance they'll ever bring this to the west. I don't see this happening before 10 years, we can only hope it will be translated by fans...

I would not be surprised to see Last Bible III remade before this one.

User Info: saint35

5 years ago#3
I heard from Translator_Tom that the original Devil Summoner isn't too good. He played it a little of it and said he wasn't too impressed. He said he thought Soul Hackers is a far better game. A shame though. I have the OST for the original Devil Summoner and it's got some really good songs on there.
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User Info: Strain42

5 years ago#4
From what I heard, it wasn't necessarily that it was a bad game, just that it was a bad port. Like they didn't change enough to warrant it being good, and by that I don't mean upgrading graphics or adding new content.

I mean stuff like making it look decent on the screen size of the PSP.

I still would have liked to have played it, but that's the way these things go sometimes.

It's a shame though, because I doubt this game is gonna ever get remade again to give it a chance at localization.

Who knows though...
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User Info: Lelouch71

5 years ago#5
If Soul Hackers is very well received by the masses (I doubt it unfortunately) then I could see them giving Devil Summoner 1 another chance. It will eventually be the only Devil Summoner to not be localize. We practically have all the Persona titles localize although we are waiting on the PSP release of EP. Devil Summoner 1, SMT1, SMT2, and SMT if... would be the only ones left of the bigger name megaten.
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User Info: saint35

5 years ago#6
Eh. SMT1/2 don't have much of a reason to be localized. They were both fan-translated. Although, unfortunately only the SNES versions. Still, a shame more people haven't played SMT 2. It's one of the absolute best SMT games. I only really see them bringing over SMT 1/2 if they make another remake of it. Which considering the amount of remakes both games got, I would not be surprised if that happened. SMT If... Meanwhile, is getting a fan-translation. I think Soul Hackers will be well received. The only negative opinions for the game are probably going to come from people who had no idea what they were getting into. Meanwhile, everyone else who was anticipating the game or knew what kind of RPG/game they were getting into will probably enjoy it.
PSN ID: The_Last_Fencer
just play it and form your own damn opinion - Lost7th

User Info: Brodie_Gorgo

5 years ago#7
Of course we need proper remakes and official translations of SMT1&2. Who else in the world is still playing these games on SNES ? Besides I don't think SMT1&2 look good at all, I mean really, there's way too much left to your imagination...

I'm sure they will be released on 3DS. No doubt they will use again whatever engine they designed for SMTIV. The dual screen is perfect for dungeon crawlers, they ought to be released on 3DS.

User Info: cj_iwakura

5 years ago#8
I own Devil Summoner on the Saturn. It's ugly.

Revelations-era ugly. Grotesque looking dungeons, world map is a nightmare to navigate, and the battle system is janky at best.

Great story, atmosphere, music, all that, but it ain't worth the rest.

Good thing it cost me $5.

Consider that the PSP port updated nothing. It's worth even less.
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User Info: Magmy

5 years ago#9
I believe there was a post on the official Atlus forums that the PSP version was never translated because the PSP port was a wonky Saturn emulator with the game inserted. They said that it was riddled with so many bugs that it would've taken quite a bit of time to properly insert a translation and get it working, that it wasn't worth the effort.
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User Info: Dorarnae

5 years ago#10
cj_iwakura posted...

Consider that the PSP port updated nothing. It's worth even less.

i haven't played the other version of the game but i did watch some video ect and the music is different...
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